Understand what Affiliate Marketing is and How You can Make Money Online


In this blog post I will describe what Affiliate Marketing is. Then I let Kyle, a real affiliate expert since 2005, explain to you in a short video, how you can make money online.

In the end I will give you my opinion and what Affilate Marketing and what is doing for me. Finally, a short and clear summation of the benefits.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

I have heard the phrase Affiliate marketing for many years but I have not known what it means. So I did what many people do, I went to GOOGLE.

GOOGLE is defining the phrase like this:

affiliate marketing


a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

If I should describe it with my terms, as a affiliate marketer you find a product, service or a company you want to promote.

There are very many different places and strategies to promote. This is a post about doing it online on the internet so let’s keep us in that field.

When, someone buys your product or service you will get commission.

Kyle, who has been in this industry since 2005, will explain everything to you in a very easy way in the video below.

How to Make Money Online-Listen to the Expert

I have not been in the industry for so long and I think it is important that you will have correct picture and of what this business is. Kyle, who has been in this industry since 2005, will explain everything to you in a very easy way in the video below.

There is a lot of content on the next page, start watching the video that is 14 minutes long. After that you will have more knowledge and understanding how affiliate marketing works.

Watch the video here!

Understanding how to make money online

Why I Love Affilate Marketing

I will be honest with you. Without the affiliate marketing, I couldn’t afford to start my own business. Either could I have started online because I still don’t have enough knowledge how to make my business profitable.

I could’t helped so many people to start living their dream of having an own business and have an income, without having  a lot of money to invest.

I can reach people all over the world, 24/7 365. A sideeffect and a great bonus is that I get so many new friends from different places in the world. Now I learn more about other countries and people than I did when I was traviling the world before the internet epoch.

To me working online also means freedom. Freedom to work when I want and where. I love writing articles, doing research, improve my website.

In the long term I hope that I can earn a passive income, that will support me when I get old.

I don’t have to be concerned about warehouse, shipping, finding location for my office or other things. I can run my business very in very low costs.


To start business with Affiliate Marketing means:

  • You promote already proven products or service that works and people wants- that means faster profit
  • Low investments, financially
  • Low costs on a yearly basis
  • Global Marketplace
  • In the beginning some work has to be done, it does not’t just run of it self, you have to create your platform and find your niche
  • Possibility to have your own business,
  • Deciding where, location, you want to work and when, don’t have to pay for a office
  • Earning money, Big or small
  • In the long term there could be a passive income from it, where the money works for you
  • You help people around the world

How you can start your own business now

Thank You for being with this far. If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment below.

Create your wealth with affiliate marketing

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