The Power of Gratitude

What absolutely gave me my inner peace and peace is gratitude. It sounds like a clever and it’s a bit on fashion now. For 5.5 years I have written down every morning 10 things I’m grateful for, everything from my cat, my health, my things the air I breathe, the trees that clean the air.

This thanks in advance is an awesome success recipe. I thank you daily for the good news, which always hits. That is awesome and absolutely amazing!

I also thank for the recovery and miraculous results of my patients and yes, I have many.

I meditate on gratitude, I take one hundred grateful steps daily. Every time I put one foot in the ground I say Thank you. Albert Einstein did this so I am in a really good company.

The more you focus on gratitude the more you find things or people to be grateful for.

Gratitude and Quantum Physics

According to quantum physics, it seems that we consist of a spirituality to which gratitude is linked. In all religions, at all times all over the world people have appreciated good harvest good hunting luck and unfortunately even good fighting luck.

Many of us are used to thanks for the food, making the experiment thank you for the food before you start eating. It does not just awaken cheerfulness around the dining table, it also infects. Just that stopping to thank for the food before is powerful. That is actually free and can be done by anyone and at any time.

No Risk At All

Another benefit is that it is adverse and risk-free. No matter how dark life is, there is always something to be grateful for, for example, air. That is just there and making sure we get the oxygen we need to live. Imagine if there is no air, the alternative is not so encouraging just now. Or, for the sake of simplicity, you can thank for breathing.

Famous People and Gratitude

Einstein, Newton, Disney and Oprah, and Kjell Enhager (a Swedish successful life coach) are examples of people who used gratitude. It was in 2008 that I, through a close friend, became acquainted with Oprah Winfrey, who then raised this with gratitude for me for the first time.

Over the years I have used my gratitude a bit sporadically, until my life became chaos. When I was shrouded in my foundation and life looked dark. Then I began to be more focused and conscious to use me of gratitude, which meant that my life changed quickly and I soon began to feel better again.

The Power of Practice

At first it was like a desperate act, nothing had to be lost, then it became a habit. Now, of course, I can not understand I have not done this before. Now I’m grateful for everything possible, for example, for running water to my mobile phone. I’m happy to pay my bill of electricity and phone bill because I appreciate the service and luxury it provides. To me it’s new to look at bills like service I actually use and enjoy.

Speaking of Oprah, it’s no doubt a cool woman. She is one of the most successful women with her talk show seen by millions of viewers all over the world. Oprah has worked with the best in all areas, health, economics, psychology anything. Even harder is that the best want to work with Oprah.

What If Up Thinking

What if up thinking is a very useful concept or tool for me, also very useful in many ways. When things happen in life and every day so instead of thinking disaster thoughts about the worst, I think this was the best thing that could happen.

That I spilled the milk in the morning, maybe I “missed that accident”. Maybe it saved me from something worse or terrible. Maybe it even meant that I actually met my neighbor in the stairs and got to stop and get delayd good news. To me, I do not stress for small things, but keep a good and cheerful mindset.

To me, it is about building a stress tolerance during the day. Beginning on a high level of stress right from the start, the likelihood is that the day will be gigantic and healthy.

Irritation moments many and the feeling that you do not get along. I see it as a cup, the more space it’s left the more sensual I am and can make good and right decision at every moment. That way, my life will be better and better for everyday, every week and every year.

Take Responsibility of Your Life and Make the Best of It

I take 100% responsibility for my life and try to get my life as good as possible. Yes, yes, things happen that I can not influence. My responsibility is then to respond or to relate to what is happening in the best possible way. It is clear that I get angry, sad and disappointed and everything possible. Then I use what if is up thinking and turning most of it.

This brings me back to the inner balance and harmony faster. To find inner peace and balance, I and more are convinced that we are in a state of illness and unhappy both the rod and the chess.


According to one way of looking at it all, if the body and the soul are exposed to prolonged stress (the body does not disturb stress and stress) or stresses of any kind. Burning the system and we develop diseases. Of course, it is different diseases and it certainly depends on which parts of the body are most affected by stress and what kind of work we have with us.

Walking with prolonged pain becomes a stress to the body, sleeping badly becomes a strain on the system so it finally does not last.

To me, gratefulness has helped restore inner balance and harmony. To shift the focus on what one actually has and which is good. How to appreciate what actually works, instead of constantly chasing and focusing on what’s not working. “Energy flows where attention goes”.

Mother Teresa was for peace, she kindly thanked invitations that contained the phrase “against war”. On the other hand, she thanked her for many events that were for peace.

The Language of Self Talk and To Others

That language is important, we stop and get delayed, may it be worth reflection of what we are against and maybe turning the stitch and instead expressing ourselves and ourselves what we are for? That is what if up thinking at high level that. It creates a good atmosphere in particular. That is hard to be aggressive for peace ….

That is easier to get upset when we are against things. Can be thought of. I am grateful that during my life I learn new things and that there are many as well before. I am grateful that I now realize that I can choose where my energy flows by choosing what I’m paying attention to. My life has really put in a higher gear.

Daily Habit of Writing 10 things of Gratitude

Sometimes I’m still frustrated and impatient when I think my life does not go in the direction I want. I easily fall into old invasive patterns and superiors. There is still an awareness and an active effort required.

Just writing gratitude diary still keeps me on track. Though even, it may be a bit of strolling, the same things on the list. To challenge yourself and keep your mind alert is an easy goal to have a new thing on the list every day.

Something you look at with other eyes. Occasionally I can be a bit too quick and just rubbing on and not getting up and feeling. I have to remind myself of that. Then the well-being increases at once and life continues tough in the direction I want and strive for. Sometimes sudden grief hits me like a lightning from a clear sky. When I’m out, in the shower, when I drive a car. I am completely full of inner harmony and warm in the body.

No Dangerous Side Effects at All and My Personal Journey Thru Dark Times

Being grateful can never give any side effects, it’s free and how dark life looks, there’s always something to be grateful about. When we only target your focus. This means that it is available to all people. I handled my moms during her last 2 months of her life.

It was painful to see life really flowing from her. To share that anxiety at the same time to handle my own anxiety and sorrow without pulling her deeper. This is my most difficult challenge in my life.

At the same time, I can really say that there was gratefulness there as a lifeline and comfort. I have practiced in sharp mode so to speak. Even my mother found comfort in this. She was so grateful that we three siblings all live and are doing well. She was grateful that she first went in the right order so to speak. I also learned that when a person knows that she is going to die, it will be done the day it is time. Then there are no pains or anxiety.

To me it became apparent that when life approaches its end, it goes through what you have done and not done and what you have left unclear. It can be anxiety, but then you get ready and go harmoniously over to the other side. Now I’m grateful that I was up all the way to the end and I was at the hospital at the moment of death.

For in this process, I also finished in some way. I grew into it. With me from this period I take how valuable life is and I am grateful to be living.

After this, I live more and do not take anything for granted. Enjoy every moment. It has also made me more clear what I want to spend my time and energy on. In depth, more acceptance to myself, that is, an inner harmony. Moreover, it has created a better mood in my profession. It will always be a cheerful mood when I finish by thanking me for viewing.

Many patients have been so incredibly grateful over the years. I met a woman whose daughter I helped my legs many years ago. The mother hugged me and said she thought about me every day and because I helped her daughter.

I began to think about that and maybe someone who knows such deep gratefulness towards someone else might help me in some way. Perhaps it’s what are called guard angels or give karma?

I in my turn are both flattered and proud that I could help someone. It gives a very nice warmth inside. I’m also very grateful that she was talking about it to me.

Because when I get out of my way or fall back into old thoughts, I can consciously choose to think of her hot words, which causes me to return to focus and gain self-confidence again. It motivates and inspires me to continue doing what I do and being who I am.

What if we can help others by sending gratitude to them?

What if we can help further by talking about it? How cool is that? True, 100% serious, I promise, that’s true.

Thank you for reading here!

An exercise to get started, write down 3 things you’re grateful for now, please write in the comments field below and we’ll start a wave of gratitude together!

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