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In this review I will tell you about one of the absolute best tools available on the market for finding keywords and how to choose those that give you a high ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only that, you can also easily follow which formulations are being ranked.

Higher rankings mean more traffic to you side, more traffic means more potential buyers of you product or service.

My intention is to give you a base, well education, so you can make you decision if Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool will be helpful for you and you online business.



FACTS and overview about Jaaxy

Name: Jaaxy


Price: Free Starter, PRO $49 / month, Enterprise $99 / month

Owners: Kyle

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Jaaxy the optimal keyword tool


Jaaxy keyword tool makes it easier to find keywords that actually sell. In a few seconds, it presents statistical data on how a combination of words works on the internet.

There are millions of different combinations of words, this tool helps you find the words that people are looking for in you niche.

Speaking of niche, finding their niche on the internet is quite difficult. Using this tool makes it much easier and more efficient.

When it comes to finding successful keywords, it’s a fast and reliable tool. There are millions of combinations of words and manually trying to figure out what works are an impossibility.

For Jaaxy, it only takes a few seconds to figure out how many searches that happen with that combination. Furthermore, it proposes more combinations, all shown in tables with different metrics.


Upsides and Downsides

I can only see the benefits of using a simple tool to build my business as quickly as possible.

Jaaxy is a very advanced tool that is very easy to use. For me, I do not need to understand how it works, but I only use it to help me find successful keywords.

Just like watching TV. I do not understand how picture and sound comes into my TV set, or in computer, too. This does not mean I can not watch TV or use the computer. I use the TV and computer every day without understanding how it works.

Being able to test for free before deciding is very appealing to me. That guarantee is perfect, not having to leave their credit card details. I have previously signed up for various subscriptions with my credit card, which I then forgot to cancel when I was not satisfied with the product or service.

Personally, to try first, get to know the tool and its possibilities, then decide how it suits my business and how much use I have for it is a bonus that has saved me a lot of money.

Jaaxy is not only a keyword research tool, but you can also easily track what’s on you side as ranked by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Which formulations have been the best and most successful.

If I’m going to find something negative, Jaaxy is very analytical and at first you get a lot more information than you need or understand.

Another possibility that Jaaxy offers an affiliate program so that you can make money as long as you learn or build up you business. An extra income stream, which is a very strong complement to affiliate marketing business or other online business.


Who is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool For?

Yes, that’s a good question. I would say that anyone who is beginning to start an online business, to bring it with you right from the start to facilitate in business and actually earn money quickly.

Even those who have already come a long way in the way in their online business, regardless of the direction, wanting to reach the next level as easily and quickly as possible.

How are they with those who are already professionals? They do not need a search tool? Well, the fact is that those who are already at a high level would easily win time and earn even more.

I once learned that there are 3 words in the English language that are banned for entrepreneurs and they read: “I know that.”

With that attitude, knowing everything and nothing can be improved, the development of the business stagnates and even in life .

Jaaxy Tools and Training

You can start  here immediately, just click here and type in any keyword and try this out!

The training is while you learning. There is a lot of data coming up and in the beginning all you need to know is that QSR should be under 100 and AVG should be somewhere around 30.

Then you are on you way to get ranked at Google, Yahoo and Bing and build your business.

Jaaxy Support

The support that Jaaxy offer is a team, always available, the team is proactive, reactive, and very innovative. They are very friendly and really want to help you out.

Friendly Support

Jaaxy Price

As I said, I love the FREE STARTER membership.

You can first try it out and if you find it valuable for your business you can go PRO for $49 /month.

When you are a real professional and your business are up and running you should go ENTERPRISE for $99 / month.

I think you really get very much valuable for you money and it will help you in your business.

Read more here


My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

To build you online business you really need a fast, reliable keyword research tool to get traffic to you website and get customers. Jaaxy offers all that and more. The friendly support, opportunity to start for FREE. It is suitable for all levels of online business, for beginners, amateurs and professionals.

Jaaxy at a Glance …

Name: Jaaxy


Price: Free Starter, PRO $49 / month, Enterprise $99 / month

Owners: Kyle

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Jaaxy the optimal keyword tool


Very Legit


Thank for reading and I really hope you have got more information about Jaaxy. Please, if you have any questions or feedback leave a comment below!

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