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In this article I will review K-active classic Tape- The origin of all Kinesiology Tapes.

I have worked with kinesiology taping since 2005.  The K-active was the first one I met when I started my career with use kinesiology tape in my work as a physiotherapist.

I will give you both the good sides and the bad ones. What can this do for you or not both as a therapist or as a patient.

Name: K-Active Tape Classic


Price: 1 box with 6 roles of tape 98,79 €, 1role is 5mm broad and content 5 m tape

Owners: Nitto Denko Corp

Overall Rank:  98 out of 100

K-active Tape Classic, Product Overview

The goal of K-Active Therapy is to improve the mobility of joints and muscles while providing support and reducing swelling and inflammation. In my experience with K-active it really works excellent,

I dare to say that I have helped thousands of people to get a better life. More about that in my Opinion.

This tape is flexible as your skin, that means that the tape allows full mobility, compared to traditional sports tape, who support stability but limits mobility. This tape does both.

In short terms what this tape can help you with

  •   Reduces pain and inflammation
  •   Makes tired muscles tense
  •   Corrects muscle function to normal mode
  •   Reduces pressure on receptors
  •   Provides shorter rehabilitation
  •   Provides full mobility
  •   Support muscles in activity
  •   Apply without stretch on extended muscle
  •  Skin-friendly cotton material
  • The K-active Tape is also water repellent and can remain on the skin for several days, most common 5-10 days. It contains no latex, only cotton and acrylic. There is NO Medicine on the tape.

There a lot of different color so you can pick your favorite, blue, pink, beige, black and in some countries even green.

All colors have the same effect. Still, I let everyone choose their color, because if you don’t like blue you would not be comfortable having the tape for 5-10 days.

I am 100% convinced that you get better effect with a color you like than one you dislike.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Very good effect and often you can feel the difference immediately

Very low cost, you can have it for 5-10 days, you can take a shower or a bath, the tape will still be there at your skin

You can learn how to do it or a relative, which means that you can get help when you need it.  No side effects. It gives an oppertunity to self management, great feeling!

High quality, few damages on the skin (those often dempends on the person who apply the tape)

Almost none side effects, in the long run

The Bad:

  • Comparing to other brands, higher price if you are a beginner and start your training
  • I have no more bad thing about K-Active Tape classic

Who is K-Active Tape Classic For?

This product is for everyone who has problem with their joint, muscles with pain or stiffness.

It is even for horses!

Just some examples:

  • Sportsinjuries
  • Arthritis
  • Spine problems
  • Neck pain
  • Knee problems
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hands and fingers
  • Foot and toes
  • Lymphology and scars
  • Neurology
  • Gynecology
  • Horses

K-active Tape Classic Tools & Training


There courses avilibale worldwide on different levels.

Prime (base)

Profession courses for trainers and medical assistants

Special courses for exampel neurology

In House courses, the team will come to you

Veterinary Taping- how to tape horsese

Partner courses offer other medical methods. This is the possibility to improve your medical or therapeutic knowledge and skills.

There are also videos on you tube, from K-Active  where you can learn technique for diffrent problems.

I highly reccomend that you start at someone professional for your specific problems.

Why? Because I want you feel better and that you get right instructions for your specific problem.

My Final Opinion of K-active Tape Classic

Since I started doing kinesiolgy taping, I have to admitt that I only have done this for helping humans. So how it works for horses I don´t know.

This tape is really outstanding on the market. It keeps it high quality for up to 10 days without loosing its purpose. Other brands that I have used never works for 5-10 days. The other often detached after 2-4 days.

I also never have had almost any skin reactions with this tape. I have many patients that this tape made people go back to sports, work and so many got back their lives.

It is simple, doable and very low cost, the risk of doing misstakes and hurt your self for a long term is low, The skin reaction will heal. This is a very good option if you have any physical pain or problems.

You should NOT try or use this if you have any type of skinproblems, very thing skin or are very sensitive. For example psoriasis you have to contact a therapist you can search for a therapist in your area in the website/therapist.

I do recommend seeing a professional so you will get correct instructions. To all therapist or trainers that use kinesiology tape, try K-active tape classic, you are going to be blown away of the results.

The K-Active tape classic really deliver better health, less pain to the users.

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The answer to that very relavant question is that if you have an injury, pain or any problem with your body, this can help you to be more focused on building your business or have a job.

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Sometimes I have low back pain and that pain really blocking me from doing things. It is impossible to focus and get distracted from that pain.

My intention is if their is a simple strategi for relieve or make the pain less, I want to share that with you!

K-Active Tape Classic at a Glance…

Name: K-Active Tape Classic


Price: 1 box with 6 roles of tape 98,79 €, 1role is 5mm broad and content 5 m tape

Owners: Nitto Denko Corp

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Thank You for being here! If You have any questions or feedback please leave a comment below. Perhaps you have your own review on K-Active, please feel free to leave that below!

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  1. Hello ULrika!
    I find your review of K-Active tape classic informative and helpful. I would recommend my friend with knee issues and problems walking properly to give it a try. I did not know that you can become an affiliate to promote this product as well.
    Thanks for putting this out there to help people.
    Keep up the good work!

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