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Welcome and Thank You for being here!

In my mind there was only very rich people who could have a Golden Goose or a passive income. So that was not for me. Then I found the affiliate marketing.

Thanks to the Internet it is possible for all of us.  The possibility to build a profitable business from home. Without a huge bunt of money to invest. On this site I will offer You the opportunity as well. Ready? Let us start

About Myself Ulrika 

My name is Ulrika Johansson and I was born and raised in a small village in the south of Sweden. I spend a lot of time in the forest, which I still love to do. I did a lot of sports most soccer or football.


My work as a physiotherapist for 20 years has been fantastic in many ways, all the meetings with people and how I in many cases could have helped them with physical and even mental problems.

Shortly, in many cases in physiotherapy you need to work with people mindset. If you do what you always do, you get the same result. That is one of my favorite hobbies meeting people and listen to their stories about their lives.

Now you might think, what is she doing online? Good question. It is simple as that I want to have a massive passive income and my own business. So I can chose when I want to work, where and how much.

Working is one part of my life. Other things I like to do is be in the nature, meditate daily. Spend time with family and friend. Having dinner out. Reading old fashion

Nowadays I live in Gran Canaria, Spain and I really love walking with sticks, Nordic walking along the beach. There is a Swedish school located here on the island, where I help two kids with their reading.

My Life Elixir-Helping Other People

My vision in life is to make the world better when I leave it than it was when I was come.

I feel very good when I can help others. It gives meaning to my life. In all my years as a physiotherapist, I have heard the stories of lack of money, people fighting with social segue system for money, actually money is important, it makes life more enjoyable.

Qi gong at the beach

All the stress and worries over lack of money doesn´t make people healthier. I truly belive if as many individuals as possible on this earth can step up their well-being with 1%, the world would be better.

So if I can help as many as possible to start making money or more money and build their own business and create a Golden Goose, passive income. That would be a fantastic feeling!

The Goal of my site 

As I said, money is important to avoid a lot of stress, and keep you healthier to body and mind.

This part has been the missing point for me in my work. That is all so the reason that I want to create a passive income, a Golden Goose, so I can live from the eggs if I or someone in my family get sick or lose their job. Simply when the bad times’ come.

I want to share with you how you can start building your online business from home, with no money, no experience of online business.

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With Your own business that build your Golden Goose, over time,  you don´t need to put energy on your finances.

In the good times’ it makes life more enjoyable, and in the bad times’ it makes you feel safe.

Thank you for being with me so far! And again Welcome!

CEO of meaffiliatemarketing.com

Golden Goose , what Is that? And how do I get started?

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! In this blog I will tell you about the Golden Goose and how you create your own.

With other words how you make money when you sleep, having dinner, work out, sitting on a plan or other moments that you enjoy life!

What is a Golden Goose?

Simply it is a passive income.

-Hey! What is a passive income?

-It is when the money is working for you. You don’t work for the money. Of course in the beginning you do. Then you probably work a lot setting up a money machine. The difference is that you do it once! And it pays off  again , again and again..years ahead.

-Yeah, yeah the you really have to be rich to that! You have to have money to make money

-No that is not true. The truth is, we live in a time where this is very easy for someone without a huge capital to invest. A shoestring budget is more than enough. What you do need to do is to put in time and energy  in the beginning.

Alternatives for Building a Golden Goose

Real estate, buy a building, house or a flat and rent it out. Yes, you can do that if you already have some capital to invest.

Yes you might get a loan from the bank, still you have some money or earning decedent at you job.

A very good option if you have some money to invest.

Stock market is another very good option! My experience is that you have to be alert, study a lot and be active if you want make decent amount if you want to live your daily life on it. At my opinion there is more risks.

Vendingmachines, having a carwash that alos very good example on passive income. You have some kind of machine and rent it out. These options are very profitable. To be honest I have no idea how to that.

Owning a business who runs without you, best a chain of some kind. Best of course if it is a worldwide one like Mc Donald’s, Starbucks or that kind. How do they do it? If you are in that soy of business, thank you for reading and please be my mentor!!

Having your own business and always work long hours and earn very little. I am sorry that is NOT a Golden Goose or passive income. That is to have the worst boss ever.

I have no Money, I don´t know anything about business or the Internet

Affiliate-marketing is the answer. You promote someone else’s product online and get commission.

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There is about 4 billion people online. That number will probably grow quickly. 2 billions people shop online. That will probably grow even faster.

With Affiliate Marketing you find a product to promote, pick something you are interested in. Learn how to promote it and on what platform.

I really recommend you to start with a program and a proven system.

My personal review of Wealthy Affiliate, a proven system that really works and you can start for free. This program will teach you anything you need to know if you want to start building your Golden goose.

Reasons for Having a Passive Income

My  first personal reason that a want a passive income is to avoid stress about money. The feeling of freedom and the feeling of security.

Second I want to help people. With a passive income I can give my time to people and helping them, with out worries for money.

There are 1000 of reason and every one have their own, spending time with family and friends, travel the world, pay for collage, beautiful cars, horses, building a house, help your society and much much more…


I am so grateful that a live in this time, when it is possible for everyone to build a golden goose. With the internet, you start your business global and the market place is open 24/7 365.

Of course if the are 2 billion people on the internet you will find your niche  and find your way to start create your passive income and get closer to the feeling of a more relaxed lifestyle.  Also to be spend more time with your family and friends.

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If you have any questions or you want to leave feedback, please leave a comment below and I will love to help you!

Thank you, for your wealth

Best regards

Ulrika CEO of