My Long Bumpy Road To Start An Online Business



Today I was thinking about my online travel, I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself in some parts. I thought it was just making a website and the money would automatically come. Now I know more to make money online requires work, especially in the construction of a website. It also requires knowledge to do the right things. My road online has been bumpy and it has been a long way.

First WordPress

Since 2013 I have tried to build a website that would generate money. I tried to read the internet and find my way.

It was not very easy, for me there were many new concepts that I did not understand.

WordPress was my first attempt, started construction, however, I had no idea what plugins meant or what I needed.

The money that would be so easy-earned disappeared and I was absolutely convinced that the error was with WordPress.


So I took my blog and moved to WEEBLY. Restarted. Teach me some terminology. After just a few months I was tired, WEEBLY did not work. I gave up.

I am sure that it will work, it was not for me that is all.

Back to basic WordPress

Back to WordPress again. This time, I realized that I needed a domain, to own a small, small part of the internet.

After a lot of surfing on the internet, I understood that it was not enough to buy a domain and rename it for something

with “.com “or similar.

No, it would be something called hosting, so somewhere where my part of the internet (domain) was stored.

More surfing, in the end I found a company that just offered that service. It was just installing.

When I did, my dashboard changed at WordPress and I understood nothing. Yes, I admit I was completely confused and lacked knowledge. I also did not get a response when I asked the support several times.

Probably did not even understand my question. I felt unsuccessful and very stupid.

In any case, I knew how to create a blog so I blogged for pleasure.

After a while my mailbox was filled with different users, email addresses that stood out as users.

Panic again, 100 E-mails to the support, they still did not understand my questions. I received answers that I did not understand.

I asked around in the acquaintance circle and got the answer that there was nothing to care about. I continued writing on my blog. One thing that teased me was that I always had an entry that was called “Hello World”. There was also a page like a lot of strange things.

How would I get rid of them? There was nothing I wanted on my side!

By the way, I understand that it did not generate any money at all. It was a good time for the patience and I practiced my writing.

Finally,- I have found what I have been looking for!

What I know today is that I’m not alone to try to try again. What I know today about plugins, ranking, SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) and to protect against scam, I have been educated. Of those who know and know how the internet works. Those who have already stepped up the ladder, Read more here

Not to mention buying a domain and having it hosted in the same place. And have service 24/7/365 and get training and knowledge how this works.

In 5-6 weeks of proper training and doing the right things I have learned more than 5 years.

No, the big money has not begun to roll in. The ball has  just started rolling and I’m sure it’s growing over time and getting bigger and bigger the more I learn.

I had a huge trip that this opportunity came in my way. Now I want to share with you who struggle with your website without results. Take the opportunity and start learning the right things here for FREE.

Make me a favor, if you really want to make money on your website or websites, do not waste your time believing you can do it by you self. Take help of those who can. They have created a shortcut that you can start walking for absolutely free.

To me personally, I am very pleased that I now know what I’m doing and that my website does what it’s going to do. It helps others find the shortcut to making money online.

Thank you for reading this. Please write a comment or if you have any questions and I will help you more than happy.

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Learn How To Manage Your Money And Get Rich!



I suppose you’re here because you want more money, more time, increase your income or simply having trouble getting money I have learned how to  manage the money I have and thus have made them much more.

Here I will share my very structured ways to easily manage your money and get rich.

First thing is to track your money, on what things do you spend money? Are they what you need or what you want?

Second I will give you my 6 jars system so you have money for vacations, investments, your needs and much more.

At the end of the article, I share how to easily increase your income without investing any money at all.

It’s not just about earning money – it’s about managing the money you have.

I’ve been living for many years at the moment, spending money impulsively. My income has been quite alright, yet the money was not enough until the end of the month.

Permanent walking and worrying about money made me feel bad. Nevertheless, I did not change my behavior. I realized that I should, yet I continued.

My life changed in one day. I came in contact with a very structured way of managing my money, so it simply reached a lot more. I gained control of my finances.

Spending the money left after all bills were paid, such as renting, insurance, food and so on. Impulsive shopping is a very bad strategy about you, just as I dream of being financially independent and feeling free.

Moneytracker-Where does the money go?

To start the journey towards getting wealthy or feeling that you’re managing your money and being more than able to survive, it’s crucial to find out where the money is going.

Today, there are several apps that can help track their money. Personally, I like to make spreadsheets for a better overview. I do one every month.

There is a very big difference to what I need and what I want. Therefore, I categorize every expense.

Here it is about being very honest with yourself. If it really is a necessity or something you want.

N = NEEDS        W = WANTS

Income $
Fixed Income
Fill in other income here
Fill in other income here

Total $ 0.00

Expenses (for example groceries, rent/mortgage, cabel and more) W / N $
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here

Total $ 0.00

Total Income of this month $ 0.00
Total Expenses of this month $ 0.00
Difference $ 0.00

The difference you get is what you should use to start building your passive income.

Now it’s going to be fun. Pick 1 WANT, W that you can delete immediately. Once you’ve managed your money better!

6 JARS Money Management System

After you charted your income and expenses, it’s time to go to the structured system that changed my life.

You need 6 different accounts, I use 6 different glass jars and add toy money to keep track of my finances. Because there I live, it’s almost impossible to get 6 different bank accounts.

No matter how much or little you earn, it is divided into 6 different heights.

The % I enter are guidelines that worked very well for me.


Account 1 – NEC  50-55%

What you really need, rent, loan, insurance, spices, transport.

Essentials simply. Things that can not be done without.

One question I usually get is the car, is it a necessity?

My answer is that it is individual and everybody puts the expense item where it fits best.


Account 2- LTSS 10%

Long Term Saving and Spending, this is where you save for a new car, a trip, a house, some people use this here for unforeseen events, for example, if the car breaks down or you need to go to the doctor or dentist.

This money you will spend on your choice that it is important to you.

Account 3-Play 10%

In our brain there are parts that need spontaneity and play, joy. This is where the impulse purchases come in. That dress, the bag, the app, invite a champagne or whatever it may be.

The difference to all other accounts is that it should be empty by the end of the month. In exceptional cases, there may be money here for a maximum of 3 months.

I love this account! I can spend 10% of my income spontaneously, and I do!

Account 4- GIVE 5 10%

In this account you go for gifts, such as Christmas presents, birthday presents, charity or whatever you like.

What we know for sure is that Christmas comes every year. I used to be very amazed every year, when it was time to buy presents.

Giving is very important for me, it makes me feel good.

Account 5- EDU 10%

In this account, you save for education or personal development or for your family members.

To that massage course you dreamed about, maybe for your children’s studies, a marketing course online.

This account is the only one that can be minus! It is possible that you will find an education at a very advantageous price and fit. Then you will get easy loan from other accounts.

Remember to pay back eventually from the borrowed account.

Last but not least, account 6- FFA 10%

Financial Freedom Account

Account where you get your money growing. It can be shares and funds, it can be to invest in a house, start a business.

So something that makes your money grow, to create a passive income stream.

Here’s just one rule, NEVER USE IT!

Remember to start structuring your money in 6 different heights no matter how small income you have. With these habits your money will grow.

It’s all easy because you spend less than you earn.

Summary and How You Can Start Increase Your Income without ANY Investments at all

Now that you’ve learned, manage your money better. Suddenly the money is enough and you use them for what you really want.

For me, I now make more thoughtful purchases. Furthermore, I follow my guidelines on how much I can spend on each post.

I allow myself to be spontaneous with my PLAY account while I have money left for Christmas gifts. In addition, I can attend courses and manage the running expenses.

With this structured method, I save both long-term and things that I want to make and invest so I have money for the future.

When you earn a lot of money it is easy to see that, for example the PLAY or the GIVE account will increase.

Increase your income and you have more money to spend. Start increase your income for FREE here!  So you have more money to put in your JARS.

Life will be more enjoyable, to you and your family. Please leave a comment below or ask your question. I would be so greatful if you like to share this article!

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Can you really work from home and make money?



Yes, that’s a question many people are asking. Can you really work from home and make money? To many people, it sounds too good to be true.

Others think it’s very easy and the money just comes in. I have been one of those who thought that just because I work from home I have plenty of time to do fun things and I do not have to work hard and work. That attitude didn’t work at all.

In this article, I will tell you that it is entirely possible to make money by working from home.

You will also get tips on what you can work with and what you need to do. I will also share with me my daily template for planning, which will make you feel happy with today’s work.

At the end of the article, I offer you an option how to start at no cost.

The Mindset of Working From Home – Not Just Mass of Free Time

First and foremost, you need to look at your task as a work to be done. The big difference is that you decide when to work.

What tasks you have or the job to be done is your responsibility to make it. You can control your time yourself.

There are 1000 different reasons why some of us choose to work from home. Whatever the reason you have, the reason is for the vast majority of people to earn a living.

How much money you want to earn is up to each individual to decide, depending on the conditions and goals for life goals.

Working from home can also cause stress and it can be difficult to relax from work. You can always do more and when you work from home, it’s available to work around the clock.

Therefore, it is extremely important to give yourself free. Have you decided to work full time (in Sweden it means 8 hours 5 days a week) then do what is the norm in your country.

Have you decided to work 2 hours 7 days a week, then do it. Then you have time for family, friends and other fun things.

Planning Schedule Time and Location

Whether you have a job or your own company, planning is required when you are planning to work. Personally, I like to get up early in the morning to have breakfast and work in the morning.

Of course, it is up to everyone to decide for themselves.

As I mentioned above, decide how much you want to work to achieve your goals. Both economically and how much time you want or need to go to reach where you want.

Then I feel I’ve done something valuable and meaningful in the morning that I deserve to make fun things that I like in the afternoon. It may even be to take care of the home cleaning, washing or shopping groceries for me to have time and energy to spend time with my family in the evening.

Find a workplace or workplace at home. Then it’s easier to differentiate work and leisure. When you are in your workplace, you are focused on your work.

Having a definite place to work on makes it easier to be disciplined and perform the tasks that you have decided.

Another very valuable tip is that you actually dress as if you were going to work. This means you take your work more seriously. Working in pajamas can make you less focused and less effective.

1 Page Productivity Planner

My Best Tips “Make Today’s Work Today”. How do you know what is today’s work? Many people use two do lists, it certainly works for many. The problem for me is that I put up so many things on the to-do list that it becomes overwhelmed before I even started.

I’m never finished with it, the feeling of insufficiency when I go to bed gives me worse sleep and the day after I get less effective and focused.

I like to feel satisfied when I go to bed, so I use a simplified template when I plan my work.

For each day, I fill in my productivity planner and do the day work today. As you can see, I have 3 projects.


Project 1 _____________________________________

5 big things I must do to move this project forward:

  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

Project 2______________________________________

5 big things I have to do to move this project forward:

  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

Project 3______________________________________

5 big things I must do to move this project forward:

  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

People, who do I need to reach out to today? (make a list)

Are there some people I am waiting for? (make a list)

What are the things that I have to prioritize today, no matter what? (make a list) This is where you start!

The importance of social life, meeting people

Working from home can be lonely. Man needs to hang out with other people to feel good.

Even if you have lots of friends online, it’s very healthy to meet real people.

Spend time with friends and family as much as you can. My opinion is that we need to talk, maybe laugh maybe even discuss with living people.

To me it means a balance in life. Certainly there are several jobs where you work very lonely to have a qualitative social environment. It does not have to be many, enough or enough.

Loneliness is unhealthy and can lead to a retardation. We need the opportunity to exchange thoughts, gain new perspectives from other people.

If you are your own business owner, you also need input from others even online. Try to find as diverse people as possible to hang out with. The more input and personal development you get.

Thoughts feed thoughts, ideas give birth to new ideas. Working from home can mean getting stuck in your mind. Businesses go worse, relationships are taking energy.

Fill with energy from other people.

How can I start working from home? I have no experience and I want to make money

There are several ways to go. Several companies are looking for, for example, writing services from home. A lot of phone sales or sales over the internet. Meeting bookings and more.

I’m stuck for affiliate marketing (read more here). With that, you can build your own company by promoting other companies’ products and services online. I’m a billboard online.

Now, you might think: “I know about online marketing”. I did not do that until I learned at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Summarizing and Promised Offer

Yes, you can work from home and make money. You need the attitude that it is a real job or nothing will be done.

To decide how many hours a week or day you want / need to work to achieve your financial goals.

It’s helpful for you to have a place you work on. Even if you work at home, get dressed in work clothes.

Please use my 1 page productivity planner to do today’s work today. It also helps you move your projects forward. The right things are done.

Remember to hang out with family and friends to work on energy stores. Laugh, smile, please discuss with people different from you. This provides a free personal development and lots of input for new ideas.

At Wealthy Affiliate University You will learn from the bottom how affiliate marketing works (read more here) for FREE.

Now for your offer:

If you join Premium within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that I will be giving you:

(1) You are going to get a 61% discount on your first month Premium membership )

(2) You are going to get personal and private access to me! If you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be there.

Join here and start your free training now

I wish you all the best and hope to meet you on the other side, I will be there to help you. I promise.

Thank you, see you soon, please leaveSpending time with family and friends a question, feedback or just say something below and I love to hear from you.

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How can I start a business at home with no money?

Welcome to my page!

In this blog post,

I will tell you about the benefits and disadvantages of working from home digitally.


I will also tell you, how it is possible to start your own business from home without money at all. It is very easy to do and you don´t have to know anything, you will get that in the training. Perfect, isn´t it?

Benefits of working from home digitally

  • You plan your time
  • You make your own timeplan
  • No extra costs for renting of premises
  • No storage costs
  • Minimal investment
  • You are your own boss
  • Ability to exercise, do matters during the day
  • Possibility of earning big money due to low costs

Disadvantages of working from home digitally

  • Can be lonely
  • No coworkers
  • You need discipline, structure and routines
  • Risk of postponing your work
  • Friends and family do not understand that you actually work
  • No common coffee breaks
  • Easy to get distracted
  • “I am just going to….” -syndrome


What’s required to start a business from home without money?

In order to work from home without money, all you need is an internet connection, a computer laptop tablet or a mobile phone.

A huge advantage if you have a place at home where you work. A workplace simply. Having a seat to seat makes it easier to create routines. Then when you sit there you are focused on working.

It sounds strange but sets times. For example, for today I will work 1 hour, 30 minutes or 20 minutes. Or what ever time you can or are willing to spend.

What time you have decided, implement it.

Daily structure and planning is the foundation that will give you and your business success.

Also determine how long breaks you should have every day and what do you do then?

Give yourself a day off at least once a week.Do something fun everyday.

OK, now your structure is needed something to work with. One product, product a service to sell.

There is a lot to choose from. The big challenge is to find something free to get started with before the money rolls in.

Finding different options takes time and energy. I have tried several options starting my own business online. Before you find what is right for you, there is a risk that you get tired before and give up. Please keep going, it will be worth it.

I have made a compilation about the online jungle here that will save you time and energy for you. (Learn more about the jungle online)

BREAK FREE, Get Started

The fastest and easiest way to get started with your business from home is affiliate marketing. (Description of Affiliate Marketing). Very easy explained, you promote others products and services online.

Many of the affiliate programs are costly. My tip is to start with free training to find out if this is something for you. You might not be comfortable working from home.

Several of those programs have money back guarantee, which is good. Personally, it attracts me more to start for free and try things out.

During my years when I searched for it, I’ve found very few who offer it. Once I found it, I’ve written a review about it, read more here Review of the Wealthy Affiliate where membership and education are FREE.


Working from home has both pros and cons. You are your own boss, you have no big expenses, it requires structure and planning and, above all, implementation.

It’s a real job, which can be difficult for family and friends to understand. Having a place at home where you work is helpful for structure and a good prerequisite for success.

Finding the right in the online jungle takes both lots of time and energy. A very smart move is to start with affiliate marketing, promoting others products and services. For this, education is needed.

There are many training programs, many of which are expensive. I highly recommend finding one with FREE membership and education (Direct to the Wealthy Affiliate University).

Personally, it’s wonderful to work from home, it is giving me a sense of freedom and being the captain of my own ship.

I hope I managed to give you more clarity about how you can start a business at home with no money. It is very easy and everyone who wants can do it!

Thank you for visiting my page and if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback leave a comment below, I will be happy to help you.

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How to work from home when you are disabled for some reson


During my 20 years as a physiotherapist I have met many people struggling with both health and fiancees. In my experience the stress of lack money not make your health better.

How quick you might lose your confidence and esteem if you are disabled or for other reasons you are far from working.

You can´t find a work for the hours when you have the energy. If you have a partner, there can be a feeling of dependence. If you live by self and want to meet someone, it can feel like impossible. No money and bad health.

In my personal life I have always trusted the social secure system, that it would help me if I needed.

Well, that day came and then it wasn’t so easy as I thought. I live abroad and that became a problem though I fell between two different social system. I had to argue with both systems. That sort of things cost very much energy and I have promised my self to build a financial buffer for the bad times. Or if there will be problem with the social secure systems. This makes me fell free and independent.


Earning your own money is good for your health

It is unusual that we talk about these things. Being disabled, not have the ability to work, lower the esteem and lower confident.

Earning your own money is very healthy for your esteem and give a lot of confidence. Some extra money make life an easier in many ways.

I really must say that money make life more enjoyable. That is not the same thing as happiness. Money is imported so you can have food, a roof over your head, buy medicine, have internet and/or a self phone, have dinner out, and much more.

You don’t have to feel independent or feel less worthy than others. There is a very nice feeling of freedom. I don’t mean that you have to be rich, just some extra money makes you feel more freedom.

To me that feeling of freedom means so much and I feel how I can breathe easier. Life gets more fun.

Relationships and lack of money

Being disable could be very complex when it comes to relationships. There can also be difficult start dating and find someone at all.

Well, all relationships could be complicated. Lack of money or that one part might depend on the other´s salary is like begging for problems.

My very opinion is if it is possible to avoid discussion the health of the relationship will get much better. Everything that makes life better or easier is a big step forward.


Rest when you want and work in the middle of the night

My experience is that when you are disable or have any other health problem there is energy at some point in 24 hours. The problem is that you might have your best sleep 8 o clock in the morning. Many jobs start earl and you have to be dressed and ready to go to work.

All that costs energy, to get dressed, being on time, having breakfast, travel to work.

Finally, when you get there you have already used so much energy that it is very little left.

Working from home means, working i pajamas and when you have the energy, it could be 2 o clock in the morning.

One bonus is that you can work for half an hour then rest and work another half an hour. You make your own scedule. In the good days you can work as much as you like.

Babysteps do something small every day-also in bad days

When you work from home, on your own terms, you can take small steps, just like planing your work, just using your brain and focus your thoughts. Then you are ready to take next step when you are feeling better.

It might be planing or do some research instead of check your social media all day. In my work with rehabilitation, the baby steps are the key to success.

Small steps, one foot before the other. Short steps, still they take you forward.

Tony Robbins once said “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”.

Those words have been helpful to me and many others in business and in rehabilitation or in life in general. Think of weight loss, having more money, be able to learn new skills.

The word that I am looking for is distraction, your mind is busy building your business so sometimes it distracts you from the pain.


Working online from home, with a very small investment {read more here} you can earn some extra money or build a real business. Working when it is possible for you. You control your time and you work hours are suitable to your energy and schedule.

What do you need? A small portion discipline and a proven system with all technical ready to go. You also need education and learn how to do this. There is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel twice. You need a proven recipe to focus on.

Affiliate marketing is the answer, {read more here}. With this kind of business you can earn or make money from home, working on your own terms. This is a very simple and doable recipe, all you have to do is follow {join here}.


Thank you and if you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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Review K-active Tape classic


In this article I will review K-active classic Tape- The origin of all Kinesiology Tapes.

I have worked with kinesiology taping since 2005.  The K-active was the first one I met when I started my career with use kinesiology tape in my work as a physiotherapist.

I will give you both the good sides and the bad ones. What can this do for you or not both as a therapist or as a patient.

Name: K-Active Tape Classic


Price: 1 box with 6 roles of tape 98,79 €, 1role is 5mm broad and content 5 m tape

Owners: Nitto Denko Corp

Overall Rank:  98 out of 100

K-active Tape Classic, Product Overview

The goal of K-Active Therapy is to improve the mobility of joints and muscles while providing support and reducing swelling and inflammation. In my experience with K-active it really works excellent,

I dare to say that I have helped thousands of people to get a better life. More about that in my Opinion.

This tape is flexible as your skin, that means that the tape allows full mobility, compared to traditional sports tape, who support stability but limits mobility. This tape does both.

In short terms what this tape can help you with

  •   Reduces pain and inflammation
  •   Makes tired muscles tense
  •   Corrects muscle function to normal mode
  •   Reduces pressure on receptors
  •   Provides shorter rehabilitation
  •   Provides full mobility
  •   Support muscles in activity
  •   Apply without stretch on extended muscle
  •  Skin-friendly cotton material
  • The K-active Tape is also water repellent and can remain on the skin for several days, most common 5-10 days. It contains no latex, only cotton and acrylic. There is NO Medicine on the tape.

There a lot of different color so you can pick your favorite, blue, pink, beige, black and in some countries even green.

All colors have the same effect. Still, I let everyone choose their color, because if you don’t like blue you would not be comfortable having the tape for 5-10 days.

I am 100% convinced that you get better effect with a color you like than one you dislike.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Very good effect and often you can feel the difference immediately

Very low cost, you can have it for 5-10 days, you can take a shower or a bath, the tape will still be there at your skin

You can learn how to do it or a relative, which means that you can get help when you need it.  No side effects. It gives an oppertunity to self management, great feeling!

High quality, few damages on the skin (those often dempends on the person who apply the tape)

Almost none side effects, in the long run

The Bad:

  • Comparing to other brands, higher price if you are a beginner and start your training
  • I have no more bad thing about K-Active Tape classic

Who is K-Active Tape Classic For?

This product is for everyone who has problem with their joint, muscles with pain or stiffness.

It is even for horses!

Just some examples:

  • Sportsinjuries
  • Arthritis
  • Spine problems
  • Neck pain
  • Knee problems
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hands and fingers
  • Foot and toes
  • Lymphology and scars
  • Neurology
  • Gynecology
  • Horses

K-active Tape Classic Tools & Training


There courses avilibale worldwide on different levels.

Prime (base)

Profession courses for trainers and medical assistants

Special courses for exampel neurology

In House courses, the team will come to you

Veterinary Taping- how to tape horsese

Partner courses offer other medical methods. This is the possibility to improve your medical or therapeutic knowledge and skills.

There are also videos on you tube, from K-Active  where you can learn technique for diffrent problems.

I highly reccomend that you start at someone professional for your specific problems.

Why? Because I want you feel better and that you get right instructions for your specific problem.

My Final Opinion of K-active Tape Classic

Since I started doing kinesiolgy taping, I have to admitt that I only have done this for helping humans. So how it works for horses I don´t know.

This tape is really outstanding on the market. It keeps it high quality for up to 10 days without loosing its purpose. Other brands that I have used never works for 5-10 days. The other often detached after 2-4 days.

I also never have had almost any skin reactions with this tape. I have many patients that this tape made people go back to sports, work and so many got back their lives.

It is simple, doable and very low cost, the risk of doing misstakes and hurt your self for a long term is low, The skin reaction will heal. This is a very good option if you have any physical pain or problems.

You should NOT try or use this if you have any type of skinproblems, very thing skin or are very sensitive. For example psoriasis you have to contact a therapist you can search for a therapist in your area in the website/therapist.

I do recommend seeing a professional so you will get correct instructions. To all therapist or trainers that use kinesiology tape, try K-active tape classic, you are going to be blown away of the results.

The K-Active tape classic really deliver better health, less pain to the users.

So, why have I done a review of this product, when I should tell you about how build your wealth with affiliate marketing and start a business at home?

The answer to that very relavant question is that if you have an injury, pain or any problem with your body, this can help you to be more focused on building your business or have a job.

When you build your business from home there could be many hours, sitting in front of the computer especially in the beginning and if your body make wildly protests of sitting. Then you might never get their.

This can be the diffrence, I have seen it so many times. When the body works ok, their is a lot enegy and focus on other things, like building a business [find out more here, how you can build your business from home].

Sometimes I have low back pain and that pain really blocking me from doing things. It is impossible to focus and get distracted from that pain.

My intention is if their is a simple strategi for relieve or make the pain less, I want to share that with you!

K-Active Tape Classic at a Glance…

Name: K-Active Tape Classic


Price: 1 box with 6 roles of tape 98,79 €, 1role is 5mm broad and content 5 m tape

Owners: Nitto Denko Corp

Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Thank You for being here! If You have any questions or feedback please leave a comment below. Perhaps you have your own review on K-Active, please feel free to leave that below!

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Understand what Affiliate Marketing is and How You can Make Money Online


In this blog post I will describe what Affiliate Marketing is. Then I let Kyle, a real affiliate expert since 2005, explain to you in a short video, how you can make money online.

In the end I will give you my opinion and what Affilate Marketing and what is doing for me. Finally, a short and clear summation of the benefits.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

I have heard the phrase Affiliate marketing for many years but I have not known what it means. So I did what many people do, I went to GOOGLE.

GOOGLE is defining the phrase like this:

affiliate marketing


a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

If I should describe it with my terms, as a affiliate marketer you find a product, service or a company you want to promote.

There are very many different places and strategies to promote. This is a post about doing it online on the internet so let’s keep us in that field.

When, someone buys your product or service you will get commission.

Kyle, who has been in this industry since 2005, will explain everything to you in a very easy way in the video below.

How to Make Money Online-Listen to the Expert

I have not been in the industry for so long and I think it is important that you will have correct picture and of what this business is. Kyle, who has been in this industry since 2005, will explain everything to you in a very easy way in the video below.

There is a lot of content on the next page, start watching the video that is 14 minutes long. After that you will have more knowledge and understanding how affiliate marketing works.

Watch the video here!

Understanding how to make money online

Why I Love Affilate Marketing

I will be honest with you. Without the affiliate marketing, I couldn’t afford to start my own business. Either could I have started online because I still don’t have enough knowledge how to make my business profitable.

I could’t helped so many people to start living their dream of having an own business and have an income, without having  a lot of money to invest.

I can reach people all over the world, 24/7 365. A sideeffect and a great bonus is that I get so many new friends from different places in the world. Now I learn more about other countries and people than I did when I was traviling the world before the internet epoch.

To me working online also means freedom. Freedom to work when I want and where. I love writing articles, doing research, improve my website.

In the long term I hope that I can earn a passive income, that will support me when I get old.

I don’t have to be concerned about warehouse, shipping, finding location for my office or other things. I can run my business very in very low costs.


To start business with Affiliate Marketing means:

  • You promote already proven products or service that works and people wants- that means faster profit
  • Low investments, financially
  • Low costs on a yearly basis
  • Global Marketplace
  • In the beginning some work has to be done, it does not’t just run of it self, you have to create your platform and find your niche
  • Possibility to have your own business,
  • Deciding where, location, you want to work and when, don’t have to pay for a office
  • Earning money, Big or small
  • In the long term there could be a passive income from it, where the money works for you
  • You help people around the world

How you can start your own business now

Thank You for being with this far. If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment below.

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How to Make Money in Spain- Without Speaking a Word Spanish


Probably we share the dream of enjoying life in the beautiful country of Spain, the whole year.

The difference between us might be that I already live in Canary Islands since 2010. I don’t speak Spanish yet. Yes, of course I know how to order un cerveza y una copa vino tinto.

That will not pay my bills. In this article I will share how you can to make money here in Spain without knowing the language.

First Thing First- Some Things About Spain and Papers

Spain is a wonderful country, therefore it is important that you have all papers in order.

You can be here for visit or you can be like resident. The tax number here is called N I E that is needed when you want to run your online business from here in Spain.

I want to be very clear on this, you can live here for long time, if you get caught you not have your papers in order, it will be very expensive. In some cases you will not be able to return in a lifetime. So please if you go to stay permanent make sure your have all the papers you need.

Most Jobs In Spain Require Spanish-True or True?

Yes true they do. If, you speak a second language like English, German, Swedish or what ever you can get job on hotel, bars, cafés and things like that.

I have meet so many here that aren t prepared how much you have to work here. The middle salary is 800-100€/month. Often you have to work 6 days a week between 8-12 hours every day.

A lot of work for small money. The costs vary depending on where you live. I live in a tourist area, which is quite expensive. One bedroom, bath, kitchen combined livingroom 35-40 square meters will cost you in high season about 700-800€/month or even more. It might be a little less on the mainland.

So, What Can I Do?

Today there is more or less 4 billions users to the internet. The marketplace is open daily, nightly the whole year around. I suggest that you start your own business online. Most people meet say, “I don´t know anything about doing business online, I don´t know what to sell, I haven `t any product or service and I don´t have a capital to invest on advertecing or so,”

The FREE Training/Education To Get Started and Find Your Product or Service Online

I have found the affiliate marketing, you promote other companies products and service and you get commission for that. “Come on that´s no job!”

“No it isn´t, it is a business!” The diffrence from having a business in real life is that this acutlly run itself (not 100% true) soon as I set it up correctly. Since I started I have got the worsed boss ever, ME. Except from the beginning, start up, learning how it works and things like that, I have more time to enjoy my lovely island.

Learn more here

I am totally more relaxed, have time for exercise, long walks along the beach and reading books. Easier life. I do work, daily I do. Having you own business is so fun, and the opportunity to work from home or a small cafè on times I decided. To my that is the optimal luxury in daily life.

One of the best parts that this is a very low cost to run a online business. You have your office in your self phone and WIFI. And as I said you can start for FREE and see if this resonate with you.


If, you dream about living in Spain and you don’t speak Spanish. You don’t want to work long and many hours,  earning just for the rent. I think you want to do the funny things and have enough money to pay for them. Correct?

Then the  online business is definitely, absolutely for you. At this point, if,  you do not have a clue where to start.  Start with Affiliate Marketing.

Start here with the  FREE training and a whole package the WEALTHY AFFILIATE . 

Just remember check everything with papers and taxes.

Thank you for reading!  Welcome to Spain!

Any questions or feedback at all please leave a comment below. I love to help you!

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How To Start Working Online-without Getting Lost in the Online Jungle


In this post I will tell you how difficult it can be how to start working online.

I know exactly the feeling when you are going to start your business online. So many opportunities, gurus and of course the feeling of wanting all the cash now, or yesterday.

I will give you some answers about the online jungle who will save you time and money. I will also give you an offer so you can start learn to find your path today.

The Online Jungle-so Many Opportunities

Here are some opportunities how to start working online. There are probably more ways. For each one of these things you need all the technical things like security, the legal things and knowing how this will give you a profit.

There are over more than 1 000 000  of web pages, blogs, podcasts, ads that will never pay off. Why ? They don´t know how to do it. You can’t just set up a webpage and that will pay you millions in 2 weeks

No that is not the way it works, sorry.  You have to know what you are doing, and how to do it. And yes it will need a lot of learning and work in the beginning.

Here are some examples how to start working online:

  • Book Sales Freelance Writing Sponsored Posts
  • Online surveys
  • Podcasting
  • Google Adsense or Facebook Ads
  • Online Courses
  • Consulting
  • Start your own website
  • Review websites & apps for cash. .
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Marketing strategies
  • And much, much more

I am sure what you have some unique skills and want to go online with them. The thing is, I will give it you in your face. It doesn´t matter how good you are in your field if you don´t know how the internet works. If you want to make a profit of it of course.

The Endless Research in the Online Jungle

When you decide to start your online business you do a lot researching, yeah, right online. I found this and then you have to check this and to. Then you want to in this way instead or no I do the webinar o no I do the Google Adsene! What about You Tube? Do you recognize it? I have done that a lot.

Researching research and more research all this leads to one thing. You never get started. If you never get started, you never reach your goals.

I´m so tiered of research, I want to start now, just click here!

“I Know Nothing About Online Business But I Want The Big Cash NOW!”

I have to be honest, I said that. Even worse I totally believed it that.  The quick fix wasn’t that easy at all,  So many making money online and all you see is success stories or promises of success. Most of people that make success online  have learned the skills how to and spend al ot of energy and time.

Nobody tells you how many hours, how much research and try to error they been through. Of course there are people getting rich overnight, unfortunately most people don’t.

It is very helpful to you if you see it like this and have realistic expectations:

  • A business, it takes time and effort to learn skills you need
  • Take action, I prefer RIGHT action steps
  • Be consistent
  • Have patience
  • And put in a lot of work and some investment, time and money
  • It takes TIME for people to find your business, until they know that you exist and what you offer

The Simple and Doable Path in the Online Jungle

The Affiliate Marketing path. Affiliate marketing means that you promote other companies products and services. Amazon is huge example of Affiliate marketing.

Many of the big companies offers affiliate programs. You promote their product or service and you get commission when someone buys their product or service.

In this way of starting working online you don’t have to worry about a producing your own product or service. Finding someone who can produce your product for so low price that you can compete with the big chains.

You just promote something that that already proven and works. If you chose a proven product or service there is actually the one of the fastest way of start making money online. It might not be thousands or thousands of dollars right in the start, but money. I would say that this is the fast track get profit online.

You promote a proven system, someone else takes care about suppliers or contractors, shipping, returns, stocks or customs duty.

Learn more here

Without doubt it is one of the cheapest way of getting started. So if you are on a shoestring budget, this is your chance. There are very low investments, you don’t need an office or a warehouse.

You just need internet and one device so you can start promote. what you are interested in or if you have no idea, you will get that as well. In this case at the Wealthy Affiliate you can start for FREE! 

If you are brand new and really want to start your online business now I highly recommend you to  JOIN YOU FREE TRAINING HERE or LEARN MORE HERE

In the Wealthy Affiliate program you will learn all you need for getting started, all the technical stuff they do for you.

As the training takes you forward step by step you build your own website and how it will work for you. After the 8 hours and 20 minutes education or training you are up and running. The training is cut into hand able pieces.


For ever reason you have for wanting to start online. I can highly recomend you to start in the Affiliate Marketing. Please remember to not expect the big cash right away.

If you want to save time and money start with this FREE Training at the Wealthy Affiliate. Learn how the internet marketing works, they also help you find your product or servive and your niche.

Don´t go into all the technical stuff, you don’t need that. You just want it to work for you.

All you have to do is trust the people who has walked the line or even better trust those who are coming back on the same road you are going at. They have been where you want to go. Simply, ask them!

Please promise me that you don’t get stucked in the research. Start working online. I really hope that I have given you some clearaty about the online jungle.

If you have any questions or feedback,  please leave a comment below and I love to help you!

Thank you for being with me so far.

Create your wealth with affiliate marketing


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Wealthy Affiliate University – A Personal Review

Welcome! I am pleased to have you here!

You are probably here for you look for how you can start make money from home, start your own business, perhaps on a tight budget, you want more time to spend with friends and family, or you very tired of your job?

For what reason it might be, here I will share with you my personal review of the Wealthy Affiliate University. My search for my online business started 2013.

In those days I was really sure that it was easy to set up and just go. I was totally sure that the money would just come in two months or so.

That wasn´t the case. I realized (hard) that I needed a system or a program, how to do it. Most of all I really missed the technical part.

FACTS  and overview about the Wealthy Affiliate University

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University
Price: Free Starter Membership or Premium $49/month or $359/year
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 100 out of 100


5 Years And Several Programs Later

Yes, that is the truth, I spend hours trying to figure out everything by my self. The result of this was a blog that became so full of spam, just because I didn’t understand what to focus on.

I didn´t know anything about plugins for security or SEO ( how to get ranked on Google, Yahoo and Bing).

When I realized this that I needed help, I started to try/buy different programs on how to it. In some programs there was a 9-hour lesson! And after the 9 hours I still did´t know what would be the next RIGHT step. It gave me al lot of options, I felt overwhelmed.

I have spent a lot of money, time and energy on different programs during this time. The worst to me is the emotional capital I have invested in all of them.

First a lot of hope and engagement than I lost ingresses and felt like I failure again, disappointment and finally you start doubt in your self. The feeling of hopelessness was a big one for me.

Wealthy Affiliate Just Another One?

The answer is NO. High quality training and EDUCATION I got for FREE, about 8 hours I learn more than I never done on all the others together.

The absolute the best thing is that you do the practical thing as you go along. So yes that took some time for me as well. A main amount of time I spend though English is my second language.

In less than 20 hours for me I had built my own website with all technical stuff that I didn´t need to care about. I have learnd more about key words and why they are so imported to get started online.

The Wealthy Affiliate  offers you a very efficient keyword tool that handle all the number of ranking, visitors and a lot of other stuff. This tool is called JAAXY, and that to me is priceless for built my profitable business online.

YES! Click here I will go direct to Wealthy Affiliate NOW

13 Classrooms- Each One Of The Parts You Really Have To Know About

All these classrooms are completely what you need when yo start your profitable business. Here are the classroom>

  • Getting Started
  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Keyword, Niche and Market research
  • Everything WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Social Engagement & Marketing
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Plattform
  • Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

The education is about all these parts. One thing that is amazing as well, it is all under the same roof!

The training is very structure ted and goes step by step systematically. The lesson are more or less 30 minutes and before you take the next step you DO the tasks who will be giving you. So you can feel safe that you do the right actions steps that you will need right now.


Affiliate Marketing Learn more here

The Community-Over 1 Million People There To Help You

I have never met a more friendly community than this. Everyone is so helpful and you will get tons of support. There is also possible ask the founders Kyle and Carson questions directly!  There is also over 100 000 thousands people who walked the road and they will help you sa well.

I can’t find enough words,  when I say I have finally  found my online home!


You can start your membership for FREE, you will get very high class training and education about making money online., 2 own websites, access to an outstanding helpful community and much more!

If you feel you want more the first month is 19 USD for the membership Premium, here you got more high quality education och keep on building your website, here you can have 50 websites.

After the first month it is 49 USD/month and you can stop or quit when ever you like.

If this is for you can pay yearly 359 USD for all this and much more!

What business can you run for 359 USD for a whole year?

On all levels there are a referral programs so if you are a Premium and referral 2 people you have your member cost covered!

In all other programs I have been through there always be more cost down the road, for having an autoresponder , tracking., etc. Here is the only cost that can com is when you buy your own domain, about 15 USD.


My final opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate + BONUS

You will get very high qualified education, you can start and run your own online business for under 600 USD for a whole year!

Everything under the same roof including the keyword tool JAAXY, Clear action steps, a helpful and kind community, speak to the founders directly, referral program and so much more and you can start for FREE! 

How to claim your BONUS

First when you join your FREE starter account of the Wealthy Affiliate, I will contact you on your personal profile at the Wealthy Affiliate, there I am going to tell you more about the bonus (including 59% discount on your first month!)

Trust me when I say that is going to be some really good stuff there!

Yes! Sign up your FREE Starter here and find out more about the bonus


I want to know more, here is more information available

Wealthy Affiliate University at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliate University
Price: Free Starter Membership or Premium $49/month or $359/year
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Overall Rank: 100 out of 100


This is my online home!

Please leave a comment below if you have any question, I love to help you!


Create your wealth with affiliate marketing

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