My Long Bumpy Road To Start An Online Business



Today I was thinking about my online travel, I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself in some parts. I thought it was just making a website and the money would automatically come. Now I know more to make money online requires work, especially in the construction of a website. It also requires knowledge to do the right things. My road online has been bumpy and it has been a long way.

First WordPress

Since 2013 I have tried to build a website that would generate money. I tried to read the internet and find my way.

It was not very easy, for me there were many new concepts that I did not understand.

WordPress was my first attempt, started construction, however, I had no idea what plugins meant or what I needed.

The money that would be so easy-earned disappeared and I was absolutely convinced that the error was with WordPress.


So I took my blog and moved to WEEBLY. Restarted. Teach me some terminology. After just a few months I was tired, WEEBLY did not work. I gave up.

I am sure that it will work, it was not for me that is all.

Back to basic WordPress

Back to WordPress again. This time, I realized that I needed a domain, to own a small, small part of the internet.

After a lot of surfing on the internet, I understood that it was not enough to buy a domain and rename it for something

with “.com “or similar.

No, it would be something called hosting, so somewhere where my part of the internet (domain) was stored.

More surfing, in the end I found a company that just offered that service. It was just installing.

When I did, my dashboard changed at WordPress and I understood nothing. Yes, I admit I was completely confused and lacked knowledge. I also did not get a response when I asked the support several times.

Probably did not even understand my question. I felt unsuccessful and very stupid.

In any case, I knew how to create a blog so I blogged for pleasure.

After a while my mailbox was filled with different users, email addresses that stood out as users.

Panic again, 100 E-mails to the support, they still did not understand my questions. I received answers that I did not understand.

I asked around in the acquaintance circle and got the answer that there was nothing to care about. I continued writing on my blog. One thing that teased me was that I always had an entry that was called “Hello World”. There was also a page like a lot of strange things.

How would I get rid of them? There was nothing I wanted on my side!

By the way, I understand that it did not generate any money at all. It was a good time for the patience and I practiced my writing.

Finally,- I have found what I have been looking for!

What I know today is that I’m not alone to try to try again. What I know today about plugins, ranking, SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) and to protect against scam, I have been educated. Of those who know and know how the internet works. Those who have already stepped up the ladder, Read more here

Not to mention buying a domain and having it hosted in the same place. And have service 24/7/365 and get training and knowledge how this works.

In 5-6 weeks of proper training and doing the right things I have learned more than 5 years.

No, the big money has not begun to roll in. The ball has  just started rolling and I’m sure it’s growing over time and getting bigger and bigger the more I learn.

I had a huge trip that this opportunity came in my way. Now I want to share with you who struggle with your website without results. Take the opportunity and start learning the right things here for FREE.

Make me a favor, if you really want to make money on your website or websites, do not waste your time believing you can do it by you self. Take help of those who can. They have created a shortcut that you can start walking for absolutely free.

To me personally, I am very pleased that I now know what I’m doing and that my website does what it’s going to do. It helps others find the shortcut to making money online.

Thank you for reading this. Please write a comment or if you have any questions and I will help you more than happy.

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