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I suppose you’re here because you want more money, more time, increase your income or simply having trouble getting money I have learned how to  manage the money I have and thus have made them much more.

Here I will share my very structured ways to easily manage your money and get rich.

First thing is to track your money, on what things do you spend money? Are they what you need or what you want?

Second I will give you my 6 jars system so you have money for vacations, investments, your needs and much more.

At the end of the article, I share how to easily increase your income without investing any money at all.

It’s not just about earning money – it’s about managing the money you have.

I’ve been living for many years at the moment, spending money impulsively. My income has been quite alright, yet the money was not enough until the end of the month.

Permanent walking and worrying about money made me feel bad. Nevertheless, I did not change my behavior. I realized that I should, yet I continued.

My life changed in one day. I came in contact with a very structured way of managing my money, so it simply reached a lot more. I gained control of my finances.

Spending the money left after all bills were paid, such as renting, insurance, food and so on. Impulsive shopping is a very bad strategy about you, just as I dream of being financially independent and feeling free.

Moneytracker-Where does the money go?

To start the journey towards getting wealthy or feeling that you’re managing your money and being more than able to survive, it’s crucial to find out where the money is going.

Today, there are several apps that can help track their money. Personally, I like to make spreadsheets for a better overview. I do one every month.

There is a very big difference to what I need and what I want. Therefore, I categorize every expense.

Here it is about being very honest with yourself. If it really is a necessity or something you want.

N = NEEDS        W = WANTS

Income $
Fixed Income
Fill in other income here
Fill in other income here

Total $ 0.00

Expenses (for example groceries, rent/mortgage, cabel and more) W / N $
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here
Fill in expense here

Total $ 0.00

Total Income of this month $ 0.00
Total Expenses of this month $ 0.00
Difference $ 0.00

The difference you get is what you should use to start building your passive income.

Now it’s going to be fun. Pick 1 WANT, W that you can delete immediately. Once you’ve managed your money better!

6 JARS Money Management System

After you charted your income and expenses, it’s time to go to the structured system that changed my life.

You need 6 different accounts, I use 6 different glass jars and add toy money to keep track of my finances. Because there I live, it’s almost impossible to get 6 different bank accounts.

No matter how much or little you earn, it is divided into 6 different heights.

The % I enter are guidelines that worked very well for me.


Account 1 – NEC  50-55%

What you really need, rent, loan, insurance, spices, transport.

Essentials simply. Things that can not be done without.

One question I usually get is the car, is it a necessity?

My answer is that it is individual and everybody puts the expense item where it fits best.


Account 2- LTSS 10%

Long Term Saving and Spending, this is where you save for a new car, a trip, a house, some people use this here for unforeseen events, for example, if the car breaks down or you need to go to the doctor or dentist.

This money you will spend on your choice that it is important to you.

Account 3-Play 10%

In our brain there are parts that need spontaneity and play, joy. This is where the impulse purchases come in. That dress, the bag, the app, invite a champagne or whatever it may be.

The difference to all other accounts is that it should be empty by the end of the month. In exceptional cases, there may be money here for a maximum of 3 months.

I love this account! I can spend 10% of my income spontaneously, and I do!

Account 4- GIVE 5 10%

In this account you go for gifts, such as Christmas presents, birthday presents, charity or whatever you like.

What we know for sure is that Christmas comes every year. I used to be very amazed every year, when it was time to buy presents.

Giving is very important for me, it makes me feel good.

Account 5- EDU 10%

In this account, you save for education or personal development or for your family members.

To that massage course you dreamed about, maybe for your children’s studies, a marketing course online.

This account is the only one that can be minus! It is possible that you will find an education at a very advantageous price and fit. Then you will get easy loan from other accounts.

Remember to pay back eventually from the borrowed account.

Last but not least, account 6- FFA 10%

Financial Freedom Account

Account where you get your money growing. It can be shares and funds, it can be to invest in a house, start a business.

So something that makes your money grow, to create a passive income stream.

Here’s just one rule, NEVER USE IT!

Remember to start structuring your money in 6 different heights no matter how small income you have. With these habits your money will grow.

It’s all easy because you spend less than you earn.

Summary and How You Can Start Increase Your Income without ANY Investments at all

Now that you’ve learned, manage your money better. Suddenly the money is enough and you use them for what you really want.

For me, I now make more thoughtful purchases. Furthermore, I follow my guidelines on how much I can spend on each post.

I allow myself to be spontaneous with my PLAY account while I have money left for Christmas gifts. In addition, I can attend courses and manage the running expenses.

With this structured method, I save both long-term and things that I want to make and invest so I have money for the future.

When you earn a lot of money it is easy to see that, for example the PLAY or the GIVE account will increase.

Increase your income and you have more money to spend. Start increase your income for FREE here!  So you have more money to put in your JARS.

Life will be more enjoyable, to you and your family. Please leave a comment below or ask your question. I would be so greatful if you like to share this article!

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