How to work from home when you are disabled for some reson


During my 20 years as a physiotherapist I have met many people struggling with both health and fiancees. In my experience the stress of lack money not make your health better.

How quick you might lose your confidence and esteem if you are disabled or for other reasons you are far from working.

You can´t find a work for the hours when you have the energy. If you have a partner, there can be a feeling of dependence. If you live by self and want to meet someone, it can feel like impossible. No money and bad health.

In my personal life I have always trusted the social secure system, that it would help me if I needed.

Well, that day came and then it wasn’t so easy as I thought. I live abroad and that became a problem though I fell between two different social system. I had to argue with both systems. That sort of things cost very much energy and I have promised my self to build a financial buffer for the bad times. Or if there will be problem with the social secure systems. This makes me fell free and independent.


Earning your own money is good for your health

It is unusual that we talk about these things. Being disabled, not have the ability to work, lower the esteem and lower confident.

Earning your own money is very healthy for your esteem and give a lot of confidence. Some extra money make life an easier in many ways.

I really must say that money make life more enjoyable. That is not the same thing as happiness. Money is imported so you can have food, a roof over your head, buy medicine, have internet and/or a self phone, have dinner out, and much more.

You don’t have to feel independent or feel less worthy than others. There is a very nice feeling of freedom. I don’t mean that you have to be rich, just some extra money makes you feel more freedom.

To me that feeling of freedom means so much and I feel how I can breathe easier. Life gets more fun.

Relationships and lack of money

Being disable could be very complex when it comes to relationships. There can also be difficult start dating and find someone at all.

Well, all relationships could be complicated. Lack of money or that one part might depend on the other´s salary is like begging for problems.

My very opinion is if it is possible to avoid discussion the health of the relationship will get much better. Everything that makes life better or easier is a big step forward.


Rest when you want and work in the middle of the night

My experience is that when you are disable or have any other health problem there is energy at some point in 24 hours. The problem is that you might have your best sleep 8 o clock in the morning. Many jobs start earl and you have to be dressed and ready to go to work.

All that costs energy, to get dressed, being on time, having breakfast, travel to work.

Finally, when you get there you have already used so much energy that it is very little left.

Working from home means, working i pajamas and when you have the energy, it could be 2 o clock in the morning.

One bonus is that you can work for half an hour then rest and work another half an hour. You make your own scedule. In the good days you can work as much as you like.

Babysteps do something small every day-also in bad days

When you work from home, on your own terms, you can take small steps, just like planing your work, just using your brain and focus your thoughts. Then you are ready to take next step when you are feeling better.

It might be planing or do some research instead of check your social media all day. In my work with rehabilitation, the baby steps are the key to success.

Small steps, one foot before the other. Short steps, still they take you forward.

Tony Robbins once said “Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”.

Those words have been helpful to me and many others in business and in rehabilitation or in life in general. Think of weight loss, having more money, be able to learn new skills.

The word that I am looking for is distraction, your mind is busy building your business so sometimes it distracts you from the pain.


Working online from home, with a very small investment {read more here} you can earn some extra money or build a real business. Working when it is possible for you. You control your time and you work hours are suitable to your energy and schedule.

What do you need? A small portion discipline and a proven system with all technical ready to go. You also need education and learn how to do this. There is absolutely no need to reinvent the wheel twice. You need a proven recipe to focus on.

Affiliate marketing is the answer, {read more here}. With this kind of business you can earn or make money from home, working on your own terms. This is a very simple and doable recipe, all you have to do is follow {join here}.


Thank you and if you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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