How to Make Money in Spain- Without Speaking a Word Spanish


Probably we share the dream of enjoying life in the beautiful country of Spain, the whole year.

The difference between us might be that I already live in Canary Islands since 2010. I don’t speak Spanish yet. Yes, of course I know how to order un cerveza y una copa vino tinto.

That will not pay my bills. In this article I will share how you can to make money here in Spain without knowing the language.

First Thing First- Some Things About Spain and Papers

Spain is a wonderful country, therefore it is important that you have all papers in order.

You can be here for visit or you can be like resident. The tax number here is called N I E that is needed when you want to run your online business from here in Spain.

I want to be very clear on this, you can live here for long time, if you get caught you not have your papers in order, it will be very expensive. In some cases you will not be able to return in a lifetime. So please if you go to stay permanent make sure your have all the papers you need.

Most Jobs In Spain Require Spanish-True or True?

Yes true they do. If, you speak a second language like English, German, Swedish or what ever you can get job on hotel, bars, cafés and things like that.

I have meet so many here that aren t prepared how much you have to work here. The middle salary is 800-100€/month. Often you have to work 6 days a week between 8-12 hours every day.

A lot of work for small money. The costs vary depending on where you live. I live in a tourist area, which is quite expensive. One bedroom, bath, kitchen combined livingroom 35-40 square meters will cost you in high season about 700-800€/month or even more. It might be a little less on the mainland.

So, What Can I Do?

Today there is more or less 4 billions users to the internet. The marketplace is open daily, nightly the whole year around. I suggest that you start your own business online. Most people meet say, “I don´t know anything about doing business online, I don´t know what to sell, I haven `t any product or service and I don´t have a capital to invest on advertecing or so,”

The FREE Training/Education To Get Started and Find Your Product or Service Online

I have found the affiliate marketing, you promote other companies products and service and you get commission for that. “Come on that´s no job!”

“No it isn´t, it is a business!” The diffrence from having a business in real life is that this acutlly run itself (not 100% true) soon as I set it up correctly. Since I started I have got the worsed boss ever, ME. Except from the beginning, start up, learning how it works and things like that, I have more time to enjoy my lovely island.

Learn more here

I am totally more relaxed, have time for exercise, long walks along the beach and reading books. Easier life. I do work, daily I do. Having you own business is so fun, and the opportunity to work from home or a small cafè on times I decided. To my that is the optimal luxury in daily life.

One of the best parts that this is a very low cost to run a online business. You have your office in your self phone and WIFI. And as I said you can start for FREE and see if this resonate with you.


If, you dream about living in Spain and you don’t speak Spanish. You don’t want to work long and many hours,  earning just for the rent. I think you want to do the funny things and have enough money to pay for them. Correct?

Then the  online business is definitely, absolutely for you. At this point, if,  you do not have a clue where to start.  Start with Affiliate Marketing.

Start here with the  FREE training and a whole package the WEALTHY AFFILIATE . 

Just remember check everything with papers and taxes.

Thank you for reading!  Welcome to Spain!

Any questions or feedback at all please leave a comment below. I love to help you!

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