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Welcome, in this article I will share with you my 4 best tips and tricks how to improve your health and well-being. If you fell good and have energy you will put that into your business and it will grow. My experience as a physiotherapist is that you have to fill up your own energy doing something you like.

Take Care of Yourself First

Think about the flight and the information about the oxygen mask.

“Put on your own mask first and then help others”

Refill your energies before you help others. Upgrade yourself to the top 5 instead of constantly reaching 145th place. What I mean is that many of us help all others first. When we’re doing well, we can give others so much more. It gives a whole new dimension of life. Being able to give honest and clean out of the heart instead of duty and necessity.

Refill up your energy stores first. Set time, it’s enough 10 minutes a day, one hour a week and do something that’s good for you. Your own time. Most of the time we satisfy all the needs of others. Our energy is enough to help more and for longer if we fill ourselves first.

Unfortunately, we will empty ourselves if we do not fill ourselves. If it’s hard to start with 15 minutes in a week, it’s your own time, you can even split it up. Meditate, work out, learn something new, dream of what you want. As Peter Le Marc (Swedish artist) said: “You own your thought and time”. Use your thoughts, dream of anything you want instead of always using your thoughts for planning for others or the like.

Wake Your Body and Mind

Start the day by waking your body and brain through movement in the morning about 10 minutes, the blood circulation gets going. It results in better concentration and increases stress resistance.

It can be by walk, with yoga or Qi gong. Or maybe with a hula hoop that is both fun and effective … (both for the waist circumference and for the coordination)

Try to start your day in this way for 30 days, with some kind of morning gymnastics or exercise. It may be dancing, push-ups, high knees running i place or something else.

Nowadays, there are free apps of many sorts of exercise. I have one favorite, it is 7 minutes training for your whole body. It is called Seven. There are also short training programs in You Tube you might like.

It may be softening exercises like lifting the arms over the head 10 times, getting up and sitting out of a chair 10 times, bending and stretching each joint and muscle in the body.

Think about how the cat does when it wakes up, it hurts and stretches properly. Imagine if the start of the day makes you feel better and better flow. Yoga, Gong, Thai Chi or many others. Try for 30 days and put a small note or a smiley so you can look back how you felt 30 days ago. I use red, yellow and green smileys, to me that is the fastest way to document my well-being.

Stand Up Every 20 e minutes and improve your health

It becomes more common and more common with sedentary work AND sedentary leisure. It is a direct health hazard.

Breaking sedentary sedation is one of the most effective and cheapest health investments you can make. It promotes blood circulation in the body and stimulates the brain. Tip: If you can not get up you win on the floor or touch the legs. Even thought of motion gives a small effect. But if you can get up, take a deep breath and get back. It is enough.

At any time, take 20 minutes, every time it rings, stand up for 10-15 seconds and then again. Thus, practical application.

Walk for 30 Minutes Daily

Walking in nature is both for body and soul. Do you live in a city, find parks and notice plantations. For some reason, you can not physically go out and imagine walking in a beautiful setting. One way to find a meditative state. Going for the ability, desirable is 35-60 minutes daily close to nature.

“Do not lose the desire to go by all means: I go to daily well-being every day and go from any disease; I’ve gone to my best thoughts and I do not know so much that you can not leave it”

(Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher 1813-1855)


Tomas Edison, the inventor of the bulb: ” I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work”. Or, like Sylvester Stallone, scriptwriter for the Rocky films, he was rejected 1000 times. He believed in his idea and that he would play Rocky himself. He declined offers where someone else would play the role. When his then wife left him and he could not pay the electricity bill and water bill, he finally got YES!

One of the most difficult features to acquire. Ideally, many of us want it to be clear and done yesterday. An ancient Chinese saying goes: “If you want a tree now you would have planted it 20 years ago.”

In spite of trees, this traditional Indian saying is: “Water the roots and enjoy the fruits”. So water the roots and enjoy the fruits. Trees are a good picture when you think of patience.


Refill your energy so you can help many people during a long time. Helping others is very important for well being and it feels great doesn’t it? Put some time off every day or week for YOU and do something YOU love.

Start with some kind of exercise in the morning, that make your day so much better. You get more focus and build you resistance against stress. Try for 30 days and take notes every day how you feel.

Avoid sitting more than 20 minutes. Set the alarm and just stand up for 30 seconds and you have done a huge investment for your health.

Walk or exercise at least 30 minutes every day, this leads to better immune system and your resistence against stress will improve. Remember the words from the danish philosopher

“Do not lose the desire to go by all means: I go to daily well-being every day and go from any disease; I’ve gone to my best thoughts and I do not know so much that you can not leave it. ”

To the last, have patience. Easy to say, harder to have.

Thank you for following, please if you have any questions or just want to leave feedback, leave a comment below.

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