How to find your niche for your blog /online business EASILY

Stop worrying!

In this article I will share with you how to find your niche for your blog /online business easily and how you can build your own website. The point is to make profit from it.

What is a niche?

A niche  is a distinct segment of a market, in other words an “audience”. You should pick something you are interested in. That make it much easier to write blogs and articles. It also make you genuine to the reader/audience/customer.

Or it can be something you are learning about. Like me I learn to build my business online. I am not the expert yet, I will be. Step by step. And for sure I know a lot more now than I did for 3 months ago.

I know what it is like to struggle to get started. I also know how it feels being tired working for someone else.

The dream of freedom, working when and where I want, that is what drive me forward. To continue learning to be the expert.

Self-confidence is gained through experience!

Do you remember when you were a child? When you were going to learn how to tie your shoelaces? You tried and tried and tried again. Until you succeed, true or true?

Self-confidence is gained through experience!

Same thing goes with everything. In this case choosing a niche and build a profitable website in your field.

There are millions niches out there, everything you can think about is a niche.

One more thing, there is NO wrong niche.

The problem by overthinking….

My problem has been that I want to find the perfect niche, I was scared to pick the wrong one.

I have been thinking for over 4 years. Is that good or bad?

The answer is, bad. I have losing a lot of time and money. Because I was searching for the perfect one so and jumped into one, then I jumped to the next one and so on.

Do not overthink

This is a very stressful way of living and ineffective. Still it is a lesson. A very expensive one. I want to help you to avoid these thing by writing this article.

Pick a niche, keep learning and become the expert. Oh, I almost forgot, you need to build a website and that website will be your window to the world.

If you don’t have a clue where to start, check this video out!

I let my mentor Kyle, walk you through in this video! 

How to find your niche for your blog or onlinebusiness

Read more here about building a website

Why a website? Social media is great! Or?

You absolutely need a website.


  1. The social media platforms comes and goes, no one know how long they will be around
  2. With a website you can PROMOTE on all social medias
  3. The website and all your work will be saved and safe for years to come
  4. The flow on social media is so fast, there is a risk your content disappears, especially if you are a beginner
  5. You can always go to your website (home online) and improve it.

Read more about my long bumpy road online here

Final words

I have had problem choosing a niche. For 4 years ago I didn’t even knew that niches existed, I had no clue what it was or how important that it is to pick a niche that you have an interest or passion about.

I did the classic  mistake, I marketed to everyone. As many of you know the result of that is that you market to no one.

If you market to no one, you have no customers, right?

No customers =No sales

No sales=No Business

No Business=STRESS

People need to recognize themselves in you or need to have a relationship of some kind to the marketer.

People need to recognize themselves in you or need to have a relationship of some kind to the marketer.

Find your market, find your niche

That is why you need a niche. To me the most safe way on the internet is having a website. I can find and improve content in 2-3 years. I know it will be there. I am not sure my facebook account will last that long.

Remember, you can ner=ver pick the wrong one, keep going and become the expert!

Thank you for being with me so far, I hope you come back or show this article for your friends and family.

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