Golden Goose , what Is that? And how do I get started?

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! In this blog I will tell you about the Golden Goose and how you create your own.

With other words how you make money when you sleep, having dinner, work out, sitting on a plan or other moments that you enjoy life!

What is a Golden Goose?

Simply it is a passive income.

-Hey! What is a passive income?

-It is when the money is working for you. You don’t work for the money. Of course in the beginning you do. Then you probably work a lot setting up a money machine. The difference is that you do it once! And it pays off  again , again and again..years ahead.

-Yeah, yeah the you really have to be rich to that! You have to have money to make money

-No that is not true. The truth is, we live in a time where this is very easy for someone without a huge capital to invest. A shoestring budget is more than enough. What you do need to do is to put in time and energy  in the beginning.

Alternatives for Building a Golden Goose

Real estate, buy a building, house or a flat and rent it out. Yes, you can do that if you already have some capital to invest.

Yes you might get a loan from the bank, still you have some money or earning decedent at you job.

A very good option if you have some money to invest.

Stock market is another very good option! My experience is that you have to be alert, study a lot and be active if you want make decent amount if you want to live your daily life on it. At my opinion there is more risks.

Vendingmachines, having a carwash that alos very good example on passive income. You have some kind of machine and rent it out. These options are very profitable. To be honest I have no idea how to that.

Owning a business who runs without you, best a chain of some kind. Best of course if it is a worldwide one like Mc Donald’s, Starbucks or that kind. How do they do it? If you are in that soy of business, thank you for reading and please be my mentor!!

Having your own business and always work long hours and earn very little. I am sorry that is NOT a Golden Goose or passive income. That is to have the worst boss ever.

I have no Money, I don´t know anything about business or the Internet

Affiliate-marketing is the answer. You promote someone else’s product online and get commission.

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There is about 4 billion people online. That number will probably grow quickly. 2 billions people shop online. That will probably grow even faster.

With Affiliate Marketing you find a product to promote, pick something you are interested in. Learn how to promote it and on what platform.

I really recommend you to start with a program and a proven system.

My personal review of Wealthy Affiliate, a proven system that really works and you can start for free. This program will teach you anything you need to know if you want to start building your Golden goose.

Reasons for Having a Passive Income

My  first personal reason that a want a passive income is to avoid stress about money. The feeling of freedom and the feeling of security.

Second I want to help people. With a passive income I can give my time to people and helping them, with out worries for money.

There are 1000 of reason and every one have their own, spending time with family and friends, travel the world, pay for collage, beautiful cars, horses, building a house, help your society and much much more…


I am so grateful that a live in this time, when it is possible for everyone to build a golden goose. With the internet, you start your business global and the market place is open 24/7 365.

Of course if the are 2 billion people on the internet you will find your niche  and find your way to start create your passive income and get closer to the feeling of a more relaxed lifestyle.  Also to be spend more time with your family and friends.

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If you have any questions or you want to leave feedback, please leave a comment below and I will love to help you!

Thank you, for your wealth

Best regards

Ulrika CEO of


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