How to find right keywords for your business, EASILY

We all struggle to get traffic to our websites. It is all about to find the right keywords. There is a billion combinations of words that is really good keywords. The problem is to get the analyzed and know what works for you and you niche.

What is a keyword?

What the dictionary says:

keyword definition

In my mind every word is a keyword. The real challenge is to find the right combination of them. When it comes to online business or any business you have to know what combination that work for you.

What are people search for in Google?

If you know the answer to that there is a good chance that you website ranked and in the end that people find you website. And when they do it might lead to business.

To know this you have to analyze it. How much traffic every sentence bring, how you can be the expert in you own field and show people what you can offer t solve their problems.

Oh, yes when people search at Google they have a problem that they want to have solved. That is what I know for sure in any field or area.

You can make the huge work to analyze it by hand. Hopefully you analyze is correct and bring you traffic to you business or website and sells.

In that case you have to do hours finding a system that works. I have to be honest, it takes very long time. There is a lot of words in the world. Personally I don’t have time for that.

I want to spend my time with family and friends and grow my business.

Word combination



Let me show you how you easy can find right keywords for you business, easily

In this short video I will show you find right keywords that will work for you business. It is very quick and you get you words analyzed in a few seconds. You can save the in you own list and use the for later for you next blog for you website.

This the keyword tool that save you time and it will help you to bring the money in. You can read more here Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review.

Please click on the picture below

How to find keywords for your business

Final words

Using the right keywords in you business makes the road more comfortable. If you want to find out more about Jaaxy read my review here and try it for free

Did I tell you that you can try for free?

Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best!

Please leave a comment or if you have any questions below and I love to help you out!

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How to find your niche for your blog /online business EASILY

Stop worrying!

In this article I will share with you how to find your niche for your blog /online business easily and how you can build your own website. The point is to make profit from it.

What is a niche?

A niche  is a distinct segment of a market, in other words an “audience”. You should pick something you are interested in. That make it much easier to write blogs and articles. It also make you genuine to the reader/audience/customer.

Or it can be something you are learning about. Like me I learn to build my business online. I am not the expert yet, I will be. Step by step. And for sure I know a lot more now than I did for 3 months ago.

I know what it is like to struggle to get started. I also know how it feels being tired working for someone else.

The dream of freedom, working when and where I want, that is what drive me forward. To continue learning to be the expert.

Self-confidence is gained through experience!

Do you remember when you were a child? When you were going to learn how to tie your shoelaces? You tried and tried and tried again. Until you succeed, true or true?

Self-confidence is gained through experience!

Same thing goes with everything. In this case choosing a niche and build a profitable website in your field.

There are millions niches out there, everything you can think about is a niche.

One more thing, there is NO wrong niche.

The problem by overthinking….

My problem has been that I want to find the perfect niche, I was scared to pick the wrong one.

I have been thinking for over 4 years. Is that good or bad?

The answer is, bad. I have losing a lot of time and money. Because I was searching for the perfect one so and jumped into one, then I jumped to the next one and so on.

Do not overthink

This is a very stressful way of living and ineffective. Still it is a lesson. A very expensive one. I want to help you to avoid these thing by writing this article.

Pick a niche, keep learning and become the expert. Oh, I almost forgot, you need to build a website and that website will be your window to the world.

If you don’t have a clue where to start, check this video out!

I let my mentor Kyle, walk you through in this video! 

How to find your niche for your blog or onlinebusiness

Read more here about building a website

Why a website? Social media is great! Or?

You absolutely need a website.


  1. The social media platforms comes and goes, no one know how long they will be around
  2. With a website you can PROMOTE on all social medias
  3. The website and all your work will be saved and safe for years to come
  4. The flow on social media is so fast, there is a risk your content disappears, especially if you are a beginner
  5. You can always go to your website (home online) and improve it.

Read more about my long bumpy road online here

Final words

I have had problem choosing a niche. For 4 years ago I didn’t even knew that niches existed, I had no clue what it was or how important that it is to pick a niche that you have an interest or passion about.

I did the classic  mistake, I marketed to everyone. As many of you know the result of that is that you market to no one.

If you market to no one, you have no customers, right?

No customers =No sales

No sales=No Business

No Business=STRESS

People need to recognize themselves in you or need to have a relationship of some kind to the marketer.

People need to recognize themselves in you or need to have a relationship of some kind to the marketer.

Find your market, find your niche

That is why you need a niche. To me the most safe way on the internet is having a website. I can find and improve content in 2-3 years. I know it will be there. I am not sure my facebook account will last that long.

Remember, you can ner=ver pick the wrong one, keep going and become the expert!

Thank you for being with me so far, I hope you come back or show this article for your friends and family.

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How to build a website from scratch with WordPress without any technical knowledge


In this post I will tell you how to build a website that really works on the internet. You don’t need any technical skills more than know how to connect to internet. Well, if you want to make money from it so please continue reading.

There are millions of websites on the internet for many reasons. This article is about how to build a website from scratch with word press without any technical knowledge at all.

Build a website it is so complicated!

Yes if you have to learn all the technical stuff. But if you are like me, you just want your website to work and don’t care knowing all the details behind it. Then you are at the right place.

If you, just like me want to do it or use like you do with your computer, tablet or self phone it is easy. I never think about how a self phone works, I just use it. The same thing when it comes to build a website from scratch.

Then it is very easy to build your own website and get profit from it.

Like always when you learn new things, it will cost you some time in the beginning. When I started I was confused, all new words. To me it was on a different language than my own. I had to concentrate and translate (thank you google translate) almost every word. Still, it was so worth it and it gets easier and easier for every time.

If I had to learn all the technical parts as well, I probably had given up. This is served on a tray of silver.

About WordPress

WordPress is one of the largest framework in the world when it comes to build a website. You can actually do everything with it. The thing is. It will take you a lot of time, learning all this by your self.

The biggest prone with word pres is that google, Yahoo and Bing, all the big search engines rank a site from the framework of word press much quicker than the other platforms.

Trust me, I have tried hard for many years learning it all by my self.

The result? My website was scamed so it crushed.

OK, why should I continue reading???

Excellent question my friend. After some years of stubborn work, I found the tool that gave me all the answers. The tool that made my website safe and successful, using the FRAMEWORK from word press.

This will rank your website faster at the search engines. In the end it will bring more traffic to your site, more traffic, more potential customers, more customers more ……..

With you get the extra of everything. The guidance are very simple to follow and just do.

Check it out here

The best thing is, you can try for free.

As I said, building a website with this tool is like having it all served on tray of silver.

Why SiteRubix?

This I have copied direct from SIteRubix website, it is about the technology:

“We are experts in technology so that you don’t have to be. Keeping your website up and running is something that we handle and it’s something that you will never need to worry about.

Your Site Rubix website is not only protected, but kept optimized and functioning behind the scene. This means that your website is protected from hacking, spam, malware, and malicious activity that ALL websites are susceptible to.

Spend time learning to build a website that is not only functional, but one that can make a statement to your visitors. We take care of everything technical for you and it’s all included with each website you build with Site Rubix.”

This was what I needed back in the days when I was building my own site in word press.

Click on the link and than About us for more information!

Final Words

If you still want to build a website that works and you don’t care or have the interest in the technical knowledge or skills this is for you. To me this became a game changer, it is easy to use or do. The biggest thing is that it really works.

If I can do it, you can as well!

Good luck and thank you for reading this far.

If you have any questions or want to give feedback, please leave a comment below. I love to help you out!

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Affiliate Disclosure

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission released their new rules for Disclosure Compliance. These rules are set in place to ensure that readers or viewers of web media (blogs, Youtube videos, etc.) know if the blogger/presenter is sponsored, endorsed, or partnered with a different company. In blog terms, the readers need to know if the blogger is making money by sharing a link or product.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, please assume the following about links and posts on this site: Any/all of the links are affiliate links of which I receive a small compensation from sales of certain items.

What are affiliate links?

Purchases are made on external affiliate company websites: When a reader clicks on an affiliate link located on .com to purchase an item, the reader buys the item from the seller directly (not from Amazon and/or other companies pay a small commission or other compensation for promoting their website or products through their affiliate program.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link.

I use two main types of affiliate programs:

1. Amazon affiliate links. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, Amazon offers a small commission on products sold through their affiliate links. Each of your purchases via our Amazon affiliation links supports our cause at no additional cost to you.

If a blogger links to an Amazon product (with a special code for affiliates embedded in the link), and a reader places an item in their “shopping cart” through that link within 24 hours of clicking the link, the blogger gets a small percentage of the sale. Amazon links are not “pay per click.” If you click on the product link and stay around Amazon and purchase something else, however, I will get commission on that sale.

Anytime you see a link that looks like… or… it can be assumed that it is an Amazon affiliate link.

2. Product affiliate links.

These affiliate links work the same way: if you click the link and buy the product, then the blogger gets a percentage of the sale or some other type of compensation. Things like e-book bundles, e-courses, and online packages are usually affiliate links, as well. Again, prices are not different if you use these affiliate links. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. These links are not “pay per click”, unless otherwise denoted.

What about sponsored content?

I do not write sponsored posts. I want to bring you real, unbiased information. However, if a post is sponsored by a company and it is a paid sponsorship, I will disclose this clearly in the beginning of the post.

How to Improve Your Health and Well being


Welcome, in this article I will share with you my 4 best tips and tricks how to improve your health and well-being. If you fell good and have energy you will put that into your business and it will grow. My experience as a physiotherapist is that you have to fill up your own energy doing something you like.

Take Care of Yourself First

Think about the flight and the information about the oxygen mask.

“Put on your own mask first and then help others”

Refill your energies before you help others. Upgrade yourself to the top 5 instead of constantly reaching 145th place. What I mean is that many of us help all others first. When we’re doing well, we can give others so much more. It gives a whole new dimension of life. Being able to give honest and clean out of the heart instead of duty and necessity.

Refill up your energy stores first. Set time, it’s enough 10 minutes a day, one hour a week and do something that’s good for you. Your own time. Most of the time we satisfy all the needs of others. Our energy is enough to help more and for longer if we fill ourselves first.

Unfortunately, we will empty ourselves if we do not fill ourselves. If it’s hard to start with 15 minutes in a week, it’s your own time, you can even split it up. Meditate, work out, learn something new, dream of what you want. As Peter Le Marc (Swedish artist) said: “You own your thought and time”. Use your thoughts, dream of anything you want instead of always using your thoughts for planning for others or the like.

Wake Your Body and Mind

Start the day by waking your body and brain through movement in the morning about 10 minutes, the blood circulation gets going. It results in better concentration and increases stress resistance.

It can be by walk, with yoga or Qi gong. Or maybe with a hula hoop that is both fun and effective … (both for the waist circumference and for the coordination)

Try to start your day in this way for 30 days, with some kind of morning gymnastics or exercise. It may be dancing, push-ups, high knees running i place or something else.

Nowadays, there are free apps of many sorts of exercise. I have one favorite, it is 7 minutes training for your whole body. It is called Seven. There are also short training programs in You Tube you might like.

It may be softening exercises like lifting the arms over the head 10 times, getting up and sitting out of a chair 10 times, bending and stretching each joint and muscle in the body.

Think about how the cat does when it wakes up, it hurts and stretches properly. Imagine if the start of the day makes you feel better and better flow. Yoga, Gong, Thai Chi or many others. Try for 30 days and put a small note or a smiley so you can look back how you felt 30 days ago. I use red, yellow and green smileys, to me that is the fastest way to document my well-being.

Stand Up Every 20 e minutes and improve your health

It becomes more common and more common with sedentary work AND sedentary leisure. It is a direct health hazard.

Breaking sedentary sedation is one of the most effective and cheapest health investments you can make. It promotes blood circulation in the body and stimulates the brain. Tip: If you can not get up you win on the floor or touch the legs. Even thought of motion gives a small effect. But if you can get up, take a deep breath and get back. It is enough.

At any time, take 20 minutes, every time it rings, stand up for 10-15 seconds and then again. Thus, practical application.

Walk for 30 Minutes Daily

Walking in nature is both for body and soul. Do you live in a city, find parks and notice plantations. For some reason, you can not physically go out and imagine walking in a beautiful setting. One way to find a meditative state. Going for the ability, desirable is 35-60 minutes daily close to nature.

“Do not lose the desire to go by all means: I go to daily well-being every day and go from any disease; I’ve gone to my best thoughts and I do not know so much that you can not leave it”

(Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher 1813-1855)


Tomas Edison, the inventor of the bulb: ” I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work”. Or, like Sylvester Stallone, scriptwriter for the Rocky films, he was rejected 1000 times. He believed in his idea and that he would play Rocky himself. He declined offers where someone else would play the role. When his then wife left him and he could not pay the electricity bill and water bill, he finally got YES!

One of the most difficult features to acquire. Ideally, many of us want it to be clear and done yesterday. An ancient Chinese saying goes: “If you want a tree now you would have planted it 20 years ago.”

In spite of trees, this traditional Indian saying is: “Water the roots and enjoy the fruits”. So water the roots and enjoy the fruits. Trees are a good picture when you think of patience.


Refill your energy so you can help many people during a long time. Helping others is very important for well being and it feels great doesn’t it? Put some time off every day or week for YOU and do something YOU love.

Start with some kind of exercise in the morning, that make your day so much better. You get more focus and build you resistance against stress. Try for 30 days and take notes every day how you feel.

Avoid sitting more than 20 minutes. Set the alarm and just stand up for 30 seconds and you have done a huge investment for your health.

Walk or exercise at least 30 minutes every day, this leads to better immune system and your resistence against stress will improve. Remember the words from the danish philosopher

“Do not lose the desire to go by all means: I go to daily well-being every day and go from any disease; I’ve gone to my best thoughts and I do not know so much that you can not leave it. ”

To the last, have patience. Easy to say, harder to have.

Thank you for following, please if you have any questions or just want to leave feedback, leave a comment below.

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The Power of Gratitude

What absolutely gave me my inner peace and peace is gratitude. It sounds like a clever and it’s a bit on fashion now. For 5.5 years I have written down every morning 10 things I’m grateful for, everything from my cat, my health, my things the air I breathe, the trees that clean the air.

This thanks in advance is an awesome success recipe. I thank you daily for the good news, which always hits. That is awesome and absolutely amazing!

I also thank for the recovery and miraculous results of my patients and yes, I have many.

I meditate on gratitude, I take one hundred grateful steps daily. Every time I put one foot in the ground I say Thank you. Albert Einstein did this so I am in a really good company.

The more you focus on gratitude the more you find things or people to be grateful for.

Gratitude and Quantum Physics

According to quantum physics, it seems that we consist of a spirituality to which gratitude is linked. In all religions, at all times all over the world people have appreciated good harvest good hunting luck and unfortunately even good fighting luck.

Many of us are used to thanks for the food, making the experiment thank you for the food before you start eating. It does not just awaken cheerfulness around the dining table, it also infects. Just that stopping to thank for the food before is powerful. That is actually free and can be done by anyone and at any time.

No Risk At All

Another benefit is that it is adverse and risk-free. No matter how dark life is, there is always something to be grateful for, for example, air. That is just there and making sure we get the oxygen we need to live. Imagine if there is no air, the alternative is not so encouraging just now. Or, for the sake of simplicity, you can thank for breathing.

Famous People and Gratitude

Einstein, Newton, Disney and Oprah, and Kjell Enhager (a Swedish successful life coach) are examples of people who used gratitude. It was in 2008 that I, through a close friend, became acquainted with Oprah Winfrey, who then raised this with gratitude for me for the first time.

Over the years I have used my gratitude a bit sporadically, until my life became chaos. When I was shrouded in my foundation and life looked dark. Then I began to be more focused and conscious to use me of gratitude, which meant that my life changed quickly and I soon began to feel better again.

The Power of Practice

At first it was like a desperate act, nothing had to be lost, then it became a habit. Now, of course, I can not understand I have not done this before. Now I’m grateful for everything possible, for example, for running water to my mobile phone. I’m happy to pay my bill of electricity and phone bill because I appreciate the service and luxury it provides. To me it’s new to look at bills like service I actually use and enjoy.

Speaking of Oprah, it’s no doubt a cool woman. She is one of the most successful women with her talk show seen by millions of viewers all over the world. Oprah has worked with the best in all areas, health, economics, psychology anything. Even harder is that the best want to work with Oprah.

What If Up Thinking

What if up thinking is a very useful concept or tool for me, also very useful in many ways. When things happen in life and every day so instead of thinking disaster thoughts about the worst, I think this was the best thing that could happen.

That I spilled the milk in the morning, maybe I “missed that accident”. Maybe it saved me from something worse or terrible. Maybe it even meant that I actually met my neighbor in the stairs and got to stop and get delayd good news. To me, I do not stress for small things, but keep a good and cheerful mindset.

To me, it is about building a stress tolerance during the day. Beginning on a high level of stress right from the start, the likelihood is that the day will be gigantic and healthy.

Irritation moments many and the feeling that you do not get along. I see it as a cup, the more space it’s left the more sensual I am and can make good and right decision at every moment. That way, my life will be better and better for everyday, every week and every year.

Take Responsibility of Your Life and Make the Best of It

I take 100% responsibility for my life and try to get my life as good as possible. Yes, yes, things happen that I can not influence. My responsibility is then to respond or to relate to what is happening in the best possible way. It is clear that I get angry, sad and disappointed and everything possible. Then I use what if is up thinking and turning most of it.

This brings me back to the inner balance and harmony faster. To find inner peace and balance, I and more are convinced that we are in a state of illness and unhappy both the rod and the chess.


According to one way of looking at it all, if the body and the soul are exposed to prolonged stress (the body does not disturb stress and stress) or stresses of any kind. Burning the system and we develop diseases. Of course, it is different diseases and it certainly depends on which parts of the body are most affected by stress and what kind of work we have with us.

Walking with prolonged pain becomes a stress to the body, sleeping badly becomes a strain on the system so it finally does not last.

To me, gratefulness has helped restore inner balance and harmony. To shift the focus on what one actually has and which is good. How to appreciate what actually works, instead of constantly chasing and focusing on what’s not working. “Energy flows where attention goes”.

Mother Teresa was for peace, she kindly thanked invitations that contained the phrase “against war”. On the other hand, she thanked her for many events that were for peace.

The Language of Self Talk and To Others

That language is important, we stop and get delayed, may it be worth reflection of what we are against and maybe turning the stitch and instead expressing ourselves and ourselves what we are for? That is what if up thinking at high level that. It creates a good atmosphere in particular. That is hard to be aggressive for peace ….

That is easier to get upset when we are against things. Can be thought of. I am grateful that during my life I learn new things and that there are many as well before. I am grateful that I now realize that I can choose where my energy flows by choosing what I’m paying attention to. My life has really put in a higher gear.

Daily Habit of Writing 10 things of Gratitude

Sometimes I’m still frustrated and impatient when I think my life does not go in the direction I want. I easily fall into old invasive patterns and superiors. There is still an awareness and an active effort required.

Just writing gratitude diary still keeps me on track. Though even, it may be a bit of strolling, the same things on the list. To challenge yourself and keep your mind alert is an easy goal to have a new thing on the list every day.

Something you look at with other eyes. Occasionally I can be a bit too quick and just rubbing on and not getting up and feeling. I have to remind myself of that. Then the well-being increases at once and life continues tough in the direction I want and strive for. Sometimes sudden grief hits me like a lightning from a clear sky. When I’m out, in the shower, when I drive a car. I am completely full of inner harmony and warm in the body.

No Dangerous Side Effects at All and My Personal Journey Thru Dark Times

Being grateful can never give any side effects, it’s free and how dark life looks, there’s always something to be grateful about. When we only target your focus. This means that it is available to all people. I handled my moms during her last 2 months of her life.

It was painful to see life really flowing from her. To share that anxiety at the same time to handle my own anxiety and sorrow without pulling her deeper. This is my most difficult challenge in my life.

At the same time, I can really say that there was gratefulness there as a lifeline and comfort. I have practiced in sharp mode so to speak. Even my mother found comfort in this. She was so grateful that we three siblings all live and are doing well. She was grateful that she first went in the right order so to speak. I also learned that when a person knows that she is going to die, it will be done the day it is time. Then there are no pains or anxiety.

To me it became apparent that when life approaches its end, it goes through what you have done and not done and what you have left unclear. It can be anxiety, but then you get ready and go harmoniously over to the other side. Now I’m grateful that I was up all the way to the end and I was at the hospital at the moment of death.

For in this process, I also finished in some way. I grew into it. With me from this period I take how valuable life is and I am grateful to be living.

After this, I live more and do not take anything for granted. Enjoy every moment. It has also made me more clear what I want to spend my time and energy on. In depth, more acceptance to myself, that is, an inner harmony. Moreover, it has created a better mood in my profession. It will always be a cheerful mood when I finish by thanking me for viewing.

Many patients have been so incredibly grateful over the years. I met a woman whose daughter I helped my legs many years ago. The mother hugged me and said she thought about me every day and because I helped her daughter.

I began to think about that and maybe someone who knows such deep gratefulness towards someone else might help me in some way. Perhaps it’s what are called guard angels or give karma?

I in my turn are both flattered and proud that I could help someone. It gives a very nice warmth inside. I’m also very grateful that she was talking about it to me.

Because when I get out of my way or fall back into old thoughts, I can consciously choose to think of her hot words, which causes me to return to focus and gain self-confidence again. It motivates and inspires me to continue doing what I do and being who I am.

What if we can help others by sending gratitude to them?

What if we can help further by talking about it? How cool is that? True, 100% serious, I promise, that’s true.

Thank you for reading here!

An exercise to get started, write down 3 things you’re grateful for now, please write in the comments field below and we’ll start a wave of gratitude together!

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Make the world a better place


In this post I want to just inspire you to keep going and make the world a better place.

My vision is to make the world a little bit better.

If I start with myself and get 1% better then the world is a bit better.

Stop blaming “about …” or on “those idiots …”. Do what you can to invest in you and your mind.

I guarantee that when you feel a bit better, there are rings on the water in your environment and the world has become a bit better. Stress infects just as joy infects. What do you want to infect the world with?


On The Right Track?

”Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow…”

(Tony Robbins, philanthropist and entrepreneur)


1000 Thanks for that Tony! It is that simple!

Sometimes it is easy to lose focus.


Be the Bus Driver in your LIFE

Life is like a bus line.

I am a driver on the bus in my life and people climb along life’s stops.

Some  will follow you the whole line (life) with  while others get off and maybe never get on again. Or, they will come along again further down the road.

Sometimes I become a conductor and cut tickets. On some occasions, it’s really really nice to be a traveler, especially during the difficult times.

Those who want to come along on my bus line want to go in the same direction as me in life.



Finally I just want to say, if you want to make the world a better place, it starts with you. Do what you can to fell better, happier more comfortable. Start a business, eat healthy, take a walk, enjoy the nature and be careful with Mother Earth.

If you can feel 1% better, the world has become a little better. And if you can infect someone with a smile and your joy it has been even better!

It is not about who you are, it is about who you are going to be. As Tony Robbins said:

”Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow…”

Give someone unknown a smile and you will feel better and the world has been a better place!

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The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review



In this review I will tell you about one of the absolute best tools available on the market for finding keywords and how to choose those that give you a high ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only that, you can also easily follow which formulations are being ranked.

Higher rankings mean more traffic to you side, more traffic means more potential buyers of you product or service.

My intention is to give you a base, well education, so you can make you decision if Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool will be helpful for you and you online business.



FACTS and overview about Jaaxy

Name: Jaaxy


Price: Free Starter, PRO $49 / month, Enterprise $99 / month

Owners: Kyle

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Jaaxy the optimal keyword tool


Jaaxy keyword tool makes it easier to find keywords that actually sell. In a few seconds, it presents statistical data on how a combination of words works on the internet.

There are millions of different combinations of words, this tool helps you find the words that people are looking for in you niche.

Speaking of niche, finding their niche on the internet is quite difficult. Using this tool makes it much easier and more efficient.

When it comes to finding successful keywords, it’s a fast and reliable tool. There are millions of combinations of words and manually trying to figure out what works are an impossibility.

For Jaaxy, it only takes a few seconds to figure out how many searches that happen with that combination. Furthermore, it proposes more combinations, all shown in tables with different metrics.


Upsides and Downsides

I can only see the benefits of using a simple tool to build my business as quickly as possible.

Jaaxy is a very advanced tool that is very easy to use. For me, I do not need to understand how it works, but I only use it to help me find successful keywords.

Just like watching TV. I do not understand how picture and sound comes into my TV set, or in computer, too. This does not mean I can not watch TV or use the computer. I use the TV and computer every day without understanding how it works.

Being able to test for free before deciding is very appealing to me. That guarantee is perfect, not having to leave their credit card details. I have previously signed up for various subscriptions with my credit card, which I then forgot to cancel when I was not satisfied with the product or service.

Personally, to try first, get to know the tool and its possibilities, then decide how it suits my business and how much use I have for it is a bonus that has saved me a lot of money.

Jaaxy is not only a keyword research tool, but you can also easily track what’s on you side as ranked by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Which formulations have been the best and most successful.

If I’m going to find something negative, Jaaxy is very analytical and at first you get a lot more information than you need or understand.

Another possibility that Jaaxy offers an affiliate program so that you can make money as long as you learn or build up you business. An extra income stream, which is a very strong complement to affiliate marketing business or other online business.


Who is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool For?

Yes, that’s a good question. I would say that anyone who is beginning to start an online business, to bring it with you right from the start to facilitate in business and actually earn money quickly.

Even those who have already come a long way in the way in their online business, regardless of the direction, wanting to reach the next level as easily and quickly as possible.

How are they with those who are already professionals? They do not need a search tool? Well, the fact is that those who are already at a high level would easily win time and earn even more.

I once learned that there are 3 words in the English language that are banned for entrepreneurs and they read: “I know that.”

With that attitude, knowing everything and nothing can be improved, the development of the business stagnates and even in life .

Jaaxy Tools and Training

You can start  here immediately, just click here and type in any keyword and try this out!

The training is while you learning. There is a lot of data coming up and in the beginning all you need to know is that QSR should be under 100 and AVG should be somewhere around 30.

Then you are on you way to get ranked at Google, Yahoo and Bing and build your business.

Jaaxy Support

The support that Jaaxy offer is a team, always available, the team is proactive, reactive, and very innovative. They are very friendly and really want to help you out.

Friendly Support

Jaaxy Price

As I said, I love the FREE STARTER membership.

You can first try it out and if you find it valuable for your business you can go PRO for $49 /month.

When you are a real professional and your business are up and running you should go ENTERPRISE for $99 / month.

I think you really get very much valuable for you money and it will help you in your business.

Read more here


My Final Opinion of Jaaxy

To build you online business you really need a fast, reliable keyword research tool to get traffic to you website and get customers. Jaaxy offers all that and more. The friendly support, opportunity to start for FREE. It is suitable for all levels of online business, for beginners, amateurs and professionals.

Jaaxy at a Glance …

Name: Jaaxy


Price: Free Starter, PRO $49 / month, Enterprise $99 / month

Owners: Kyle

Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Jaaxy the optimal keyword tool


Very Legit


Thank for reading and I really hope you have got more information about Jaaxy. Please, if you have any questions or feedback leave a comment below!

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How To Find Keywords And Get Ranked at Google, Yahoo and Bing Quickly


When you build your website and start your online business, there are a few things you need to know to succeed.

To me it was a complete surprise to realize that tools needed to succeed were needed. Tools that calculate how your keywords have different values to rank with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Today, I want to share a tool that helps you find keywords that help you get ranked with the three major search engines.

Google, Yahoo and Bing

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the search engines that dominate the market. The last figure I read was that the three together have almost 99% of the market.

On the internet there is like a big shower, a flow of information and people who search for different things. To succeed in your business and stand out, it’s important to have the exact keywords that people ask for on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Simply what they type into the search bar.

To shape the words to match what people are looking for brings more hits, more and more finds your page and it leads to increased sales of the product or service you offer.

Usually, this is called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. 

The difference between succeeding and failing online depends on how you rank on these three search engines. If you have a lot of money, you can of course buy an ad space high up on these pages.

This is for those who are on the shoestring budget and want to get started with your online business as quickly and easily as possible. Here is a good spot to start

Keywords-The Key to Success

During my life, I’ve been uninterested with statistics. As far as my online business is concerned, I have changed my mind. Being able to get figures on what words and formulations that lead to success have become a sport.

Both before I write a title, or in the content get clues to what works and of course, afterwards, to evaluate which words and formulations that gave the best results are incredibly exciting!

Just being able to evaluate which formulations work are very helpful to me. This means that I can save time by having a tool that calculates the weight of the word online in just a few seconds.

Instead of trying to guess and hope that it will work. It gives me more work and focus. For me a very important bonus, more time to spend time with family and friends. .

The tool that keeps track of the word’s weight and value online

This is the tool that gives you a complete picture of words and words that make you more successful on the internet.

For me, this became a turning point for my business. I did not know that keywords are so important to rank with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Successful online is to work smartly. Using the best tools and the latest technology makes it all the easier and faster.

Read more about JAAXY here

Final words

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for reading here.

If you’re serious about starting an online business from home, so you’ll be spending time and money on having a tool that finds strong keywords that work online.

Getting all statistics served to you is a well-deserved luxury.

Here again it’s time that is the big win. It is impossible to figure out all billions of formulations that might work for your website. Let a powerful tool do it for you in seconds and use the time to do something more meaningful.

If you have any question at all or just want to leave feedback, please leave a comment below and I will love to help you!

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